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DiskWarrior 4 Adds Intel Compatibility

Alsoft has released DiskWarrior 4, the long-awaited upgrade to their essential disk-repair utility. DiskWarrior locates and repairs disk directory information, which can bring back to life an otherwise unusable partition which has no physical faults and no other data corruptionShow full article

Nike+iPod Generates Privacy Concerns

File this one under P for "privacy" or perhaps "paranoia." A research group at the University of Washington has shown that the Nike+iPod Sport Kit could be exploited to enable someone to track the movements and location of a Nike+iPod user surreptitiously. It turns out that the Nike+iPod sensor, either placed inside a Nike shoe or attached to the top of any other shoe, continuously transmits messages containing a unique identification code that the Nike+iPod receiver uses when pairing with a particular sensorShow full article

Do 802.11n Chips in Macs Signal New Wireless?

Shortly after the new MacBook Pro with the Intel Core 2 Duo processor was released, a MacRumors.com forum member took a close look and found, among other revised specifications, an 802.11n chipset from AtherosShow full article

"Dispatches from Blogistan" Puts Blogs in Context

Out of the many linear feet of books that crossed my doorstep for possible review recently, one stands out: Suzanne Stefanac's "Dispatches from Blogistan: A travel guide for the modern blogger." The book is a great read for anyone wanting to keep up with Internet trends, read and use blogs more adeptly, start a blog, or run a blog more professionally. In today's world of profit-pumping book publishing, a blog-related title is easy - the technology is simple enough to explain without much research or tech-writing talent and the buzz factor should make the book easy to marketShow full article

Silicon Valley Through the Lens of London

Steve Jobs is famous for his impatience with questions about the past; he prefers to focus on the future. That may be a healthy attitude for the CEO of Apple, but luckily for those of us who weren't in the heart of Silicon Valley during the early days of the computer revolution, there are plenty of people who are happy to talk about how things used to be, including Steve Wozniak, Guy Kawasaki, the late Jef Raskin, John Warnock of Adobe, and Tim O'Reilly. All of them, and others whose names may be less familiar, appear in a new 55-minute film about what makes Silicon Valley tick, called "In Search of the Valley." Subtitled "Three friends' journey into the psyche of Silicon Valley," and directed by Steve O'Hear, the documentary is part history, part industry analysis, all wrapped up in a minivan-enabled road tripShow full article

Rolling Faster, Farther with the RollerMouse Pro

Some years ago, I reviewed the RollerMouse Station (now called the RollerMouse Classic), from Contour Designs (see "Get It Rolling with the RollerMouse," 2002-08-05)Show full article

Take Control News/11-Dec-06

Register and Manage Your Domain Name with Expert Help -- Custom domain names are fun for individuals and essential for organizations, but registering and managing your own domain name remains a topic that can perplex even long-time computer usersShow full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/11-Dec-06

Great deal on a Brother 2070N printer -- A reader finds a deal on a Brother networked laser printer, which leads to a discussion of PostScript emulationShow full article

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