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MacBook Pro Software Update 1.0 Released

Apple has released MacBook Pro Software Update 1.0, which fixes a number of unspecified problems with 2.2 GHz and 2.4 GHz MacBook Pro models. According to a post at MacFixIt, the update appears to patch several issues with the Nvidia graphics cards and may solve an issue with "shimmering" display issuesShow full article

Adobe Ships Rest of Creative Suite 3

Adobe Systems has broken with tradition by releasing products promised for third quarter of 2007 on the second day of that quarter. A quarter-based release typically means "as close to the last day of the quarter as possible so we can book the revenue in that quarter." In April, Adobe released 9 of the 13 main applications that form Creative Suite 3 (CS3) as both individual programs and 6 editions (see "Adobe Announces Creative Suite 3 Plans, Pricing, Dates," 2007-04-02, and "Adobe Ships Creative Suite 3, Offers Video Betas," 2007-04-16)Show full article

Universal Rejects Long-Term Apple iTunes Contract

The New York Times is reporting that Universal Music Group (owned by the French media giant Vivendi), the largest of the record companies, has refused to renew its two-year contract to sell downloadable music through Apple's iTunes StoreShow full article

PDFpen 3.2 Adds Editing Marks

For many of us, editing on paper seems like something that went out with the arrival of the word processor. And it's true - the need to edit on paper has been drastically reduced by the ease of creating and sharing digital documentsShow full article

Final Cut Studio 2 Applications, SuperDrive Firmware Updated

Apple has released updates for the Final Cut Studio 2 suite of video production applications via Software Update and as stand-alone installers; the latter require that you sign in using your Apple ID and your Final Cut Studio 2 serial numberShow full article

DealBITS Discount: 4 GB iPod nano from Small Dog

Congratulations to Barbara LHeureux of charter.net, whose entry was chosen randomly in last week's DealBITS drawing and who received a blue 4 GB iPod nano (refurbished) along with a Mophie case, worth a total of $136.99Show full article

iTunes 7.3 Adds iPhone, Apple TV Features

Apple has released iTunes 7.3, which enables support for the iPhone. iTunes acts as the hub between the computer and the iPhone (much as it does with the iPod), handling synchronization of contacts, calendars, music, and moviesShow full article

iPhone Voice, Data Plans Reasonably Priced, but Missing Wi-Fi

A few days before the iPhone went on sale, Apple and AT&T announced service plans, with offerings for individual accounts costing $60, $80, and $100 per month for 450, 900, and 1,350 peak voice minutes; unlimited cellular data; and 200 SMS text messagesShow full article

Staff Roundtable: Who's Buying an iPhone?

As nearly everyone within range of the Reality Distortion Field now knows, Apple on Friday released the iPhone, selling untold numbers - one analyst estimates 500,000, while another is claiming 700,000 - in the first few days, including one to our very own Glenn FleishmanShow full article

My First Days with the iPhone

While stopped at a traffic light north of Seattle yesterday, the driver in the car to the right of us gestures through the window. Did we leave our gas tank door open when we left the station a moment ago? NoShow full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/02-Jul-07

Initial iPhone impressions -- What are your initial impressions of the iPhone? (1 message) Mac-friendly alternatives to Exchange? Microsoft's Exchange isn't the only game in townShow full article

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