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iPhone $100 Store Credit Process Posted

You can now obtain that hundred-buck store credit Apple's CEO promised for early purchasers of the iPhone, who number perhaps 900,000, who paid $200 "too much." The process is simple - and rewarding.Show full article

Apple Releases iMac, iLife, Pro Application Updates

Apple released a number of bug-fix updates last week: iMac Software Update 1.1, Keyboard Software Update 1.2, Compatibility Update for QuickTime 7.2, iTunes 7.4.1, and Pro Application Support 4.0.2.Show full article

Handsfree iPhone Call Leads to Ticket

Making a call hands free with the iPhone's supplied headphones could lead the police to think that, just maybe, you're violating the law. John Stafford found out the hard way; he's got the summons to prove it.Show full article

Deciding Between the iPhone and iPod touch

Is buying an iPod touch a good way to get an iPhone without the phone capabilities? Or has Apple limited the iPod touch's capabilities too much, making the iPhone significantly more capable? What about using a prepaid plan or a hack to activate an iPhone without any plan?Show full article

DealBITS Discount: Save 20% on Name Munger

If you weren't among our winners of Sonora Graphics' Name Munger utility, you can still save 20 percent through 26-Sep-07.Show full article

Mac Market Share Rising at Cornell University

Much is often made of Apple's single-digit market share, but we have some direct evidence of a much higher and increasing market share among students living in the dorms at Cornell University. Apple is back in the higher education market!Show full article

iPhoto 7 Fills Glaring Holes

iPhoto 7 may have added a variety of new features, but Adam zeroes in on a few improvements that fill glaring holes in the program since its release in 2002. Who could have guessed it would take Apple so many years to provide selective import and direct naming of photos?Show full article

Connect More Easily to Wi-Fi Hotspots with the iPhone

A Wi-Fi connection program lets you hook your iPhone into hotspots without entering a user name and password at each location. It removes the friction from connecting to public free and fee networks.Show full article

Penelope Project Ships Eudora 8.0.0b1

After nearly 11 months, the Penelope project has shipped the first public beta of Eudora 8.0, marking the release of something that's functional, but probably more attractive to developers than normal users.Show full article

The Ghost in My FileVault

What do you do when gremlins infest your FileVault... and you're many timezones away from home and your backups? Security consultant Rich Mogull shares what it's like to eat your own encrypted dogfood while on the road.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/17-Sep-07

What is the TidBITS community talking about this week? TidBITS Talk is buzzing with discussion of the iPhone, ringtones, Eudora, admin passwords, laptops versus desktops, and more!Show full article

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