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AT&T Runaround for Early iPhone Adopters

While many early iPhone purchasers are pleased with Apple's offer of a $100 Apple Store credit for those who purchased the initially pricey gizmo early on, and some are thrilled with the 14-day price protection policy that provided a $200 refund to those who bought in the two weeks immediately before this month's price drop, we hear that some iPhone customers who bought at an AT&T Wireless store have gotten the runaround when attempting to settle up.Show full article

Daylight Saving Time Rules Fixed for New Zealand

Mac OS X 10.4.10 doesn't know about the new daylight savings time rules that take effect on 30-Sep-07 in New Zealand, but New Zealand Mac users can fix their Macs with a free utility from Glenn Anderson.Show full article

iPhoney Baloney Browser

If you, like me, need to see what Web sites look like on an iPhone, but you don't have an iPhone or iPod touch, turn to the free iPhoney, which simulates Web browsing on an iPhone.Show full article

Starbucks To Give Away 50 Million iTunes Songs

37 artists are featured in a 50 million song iTunes giveaway, tying Starbucks and Apple even more closely in the digital music realm.Show full article

Macs Speak Clearly with Infovox iVox

The voices - particularly the British English ones - in Infovox iVox are stunningly good. If you've never used text-to-speech before because of low-quality voices, give these a listen.Show full article

Yugma Provides Free Web Conferencing

Until Mac OS X 10.5's screen sharing becomes available, check out Yugma for free Web conferencing that works in Mac, Windows, and Linux.Show full article

iPhone Launch Set for UK and Germany, with Murky Data Plan

Apple announces cell carrier O2 will sell the iPhone in the UK starting November 9 for £269 ($542) including VAT; T-Mobile will offer it for £399 ($562) in Germany. Going one better than AT&T, the UK and German services include unlimited data access to thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots along with EDGE. But O2, at least, defines unlimited data as having a strict limit.Show full article

New York Times Frees Old Articles

2 years, 227,00 subscribers, and $10 million later, The New York Times reverses direction and stops charging for most older articles via its TimesSelect service. Adam looks at the move and how other publications have experimented with charging for older articles.Show full article

QuickerTek Expands Inexpensive Wi-Fi Options for Macs

QuickerTek lowers prices and adds options for Mac users who want to add Wi-Fi to Macs without it, or boost the speed of their Wi-Fi networks with the latest 802.11n standard.Show full article

OWC Ships 802.11n Adapters for Older Macs

More options to update older Macs to nearly the fastest flavor of Wi-Fi - 802.11n - without fuss. A USB option is particularly attractive for the widest support of varied systems.Show full article

Confusion Over Santa Rosa: What's in a Name?

The latest iMacs and MacBook Pros have been dubbed the "Santa Rosa" models, but is that accurate? Simon Leemann says not only is it wrong, it's wrong in two different ways. Read on for a look at why Apple's naming scheme is broken, how Intel's marketing efforts are creating confusion, and what hardware is really in those Macs.Show full article

Take Control News: Make the Most of Apple Mail and .Mac

In an effort to clear the decks before Leopard pounces, we have published not one, not two, but three free updates to popular Take Control books about Apple Mail, managing spam with Apple Mail, and Apple's .Mac online service. Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/24-Sep-07

In TidBITS Talk this week, the TidBITS community tackles subjects such as backing up large files, open QuickBooks files, the differences between the iPod touch and iPod classic, and powering datacenters with DC current.Show full article

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