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Apple Board Member Al Gore Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

While we don't usually talk about politicians or Nobel Prize announcements, today we're following Apple's lead and covering this morning's announcement that former U.S. vice president and Apple board member Al Gore is sharing this year's Nobel Peace Prize.Show full article

900 Issues and a Free Ebook on Wi-Fi

To commemorate our 900th issue of TidBITS, we're giving away a free ebook version of the "The Wireless Networking Starter Kit, Second Edition." Enjoy!Show full article

Seagate Hybrid Hard Drives Not Mac-Compatible

Much has been said about Seagate's new Momentus 5400 PSD "hybrid hard drives" that put 256 MB of flash RAM into notebook hard drives. But will you be able to install such a drive in your Mac? Adam digs beneath the surface of the press release to learn the answer.Show full article

Take Control Lampooned on CARS

Crazy Apple Rumors Site announces their first two titles in the new "Take Control of ...: The Missing Manual for Dummies" series.Show full article

3G Cell Data iPhone Now Feasible

Broadcom announces new third-generation cell chip that could be the core of a next-generation iPhone. Kitchen sink? You bet. Couple 3G with ARM processors, Bluetooth, stereo audio, and FM radio - and the fastest GSM-based 3G data protocols on the market.Show full article

EasyFind 4.0: It's Easy, It Finds, It's Free

EasyFind is a utility no one should be without. It's free and it's just been updated, so what are you waiting for?Show full article

Flying Logic: That Would Be Illogical, Captain

Flying Logic is a new program for expressing and exploring logical thinking.Show full article

An Electronic Book Giveaway: 2003, a Disaster; 2007, a Pittance

Four years ago, I nearly bankrupted myself with a bandwidth bill for 200 GB of transfers over a couple of days. Last week, the same transfers cost $25. It's the future: cheap bandwidth and many options for distribution.Show full article

InterviewBITS: Love/Hate with the iPhone

Now that more than one million iPhones have been sold, we decided to see what real-world iPhone users love and hate about their new digital companions. Read on to find out what our panel loved and hated, and share your own opinions on TidBITS Talk.Show full article

Confessions of a Twitter Convert

Is Twitter a truly inane waste of time, where people blather about trivialities, as Adam originally thought, or is it actually a useful service that can provide not just interesting commentary from interesting people, but also up-to-the-minute headline news? (Hint, it's the latter!)Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/15-Oct-07

This week's discussions focus on increasing Mac market share, storage of electronic cooking recipes, AT&T's Pay as You Go service for the iPhone, and more.Show full article

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