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Stay Up to Date on Leopard Compatibility

We're tracking Leopard-specific updates to programs in another article on our Web site; let us know if we're missing anything that we've previously covered.Show full article

BBEdit 8.7.1 Adds Features, Fixes Bugs, Saves Data

BBEdit 8.7.1 is a fairly minor update, though with welcome changes and fixes. Adam also explains how to configure BBEdit to protect from remote data loss.Show full article

Freeverse Sponsoring TidBITS

We're pleased to welcome our latest long-term sponsor, Freeverse, publishers of offbeat games and serious audio and graphics tools alike.Show full article

Word 2004 Crashing Bug Squashed

Microsoft has just made available the Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.3.9 Update, which solves a crashing bug in Word 2004 when you try to print a document.Show full article

New Apple Ads: Real, Fake, and Funny

Are we shallow for enjoying Apple's new Get a Mac ads, or just enjoying having the obvious pointed out on national TV for a change? Also see a leaked Saturday Night Live sketch about the iPhone that never aired.Show full article

VMware Releases Fusion 1.1 Update, VMware Importer

Fusion 1.1 is out of beta, with some moderately interesting features. Even more interesting is VMware Importer, which lets you move Parallels virtual machines easily into Fusion.Show full article

AT&T Offers New International iPhone Data Plans

iPhone users travelling abroad often returned home to sky-high bills for data usage. That may be a thing of the past, thanks to AT&T's new international iPhone data plans, which provide either 20 MB of 50 MB of usage.Show full article

Design Tools Monthly Hits 15 Years in Print

Congratulations to our friend Jay Nelson, who is celebrating 15 continuous years of publication of his Design Tools Monthly newsletter, best thought of as the executive summary for the design community.Show full article

DealBITS Winners: SmileOnMyMac's TextExpander 2

And the winners of our latest DealBITS drawing are...Show full article

Google's View of Our Cell Phone Future Is an Android, Not a GPhone

Google is not building a phone; it's building its vision of the future. A consortium of companies, many of them competitors, are backing a free, open-source cell phone platform that could be customized at will, providing unprecedented options for consumers. We'll see.Show full article

Spotlight Strikes Back: In Leopard, It Works Great

Spotlight on Leopard is so much better than Spotlight on Tiger, it could be a major reason for upgrading. It's full of power user tricks you might not realize are there - until you read this article, that is!Show full article

Take Control News: All Leopard Titles Available in Print

All of our Take Control books about Leopard are now available in print form, for those who prefer to read on paper or refer to a book during the Leopard upgrade.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/12-Nov-07

This week's discussions continue to revolve around Leopard, as well as jamming cellphones, IMAP email access using Gmail, the popularity of Google compared to other search services, and the difference in tactile response on Apple laptops.Show full article

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