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No TidBITS Issue on 26-Nov-07

As is our custom this time of year, we won't be publishing next week's emailed issue of TidBITS on 26-Nov-07 due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. But new content will still appear on our Web site, though.Show full article

Submit Ideas for the 2007 TidBITS Gift Guide

We're gearing up to produce the TidBITS Gift Guide for 2007, and we need your suggestions for the gifts that you plan to give or want to receive this year.Show full article

Mac OS X 10.5.1 Fixes Numerous Leopard Flaws

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.5.1, the first update to Leopard, and fixes problems with Back to My Mac, Mail, and Finder data loss when moving files among partitions and networked volumes. It also makes one cosmetic change to the application firewall while fixing a problem that bit Skype users and adding more security.Show full article

Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.4.11 with Safari 3

The question of whether Safari 3 would be released for Tiger is answered: yes. Apple pushed out Mac OS X 10.4.11, which fixes a huge list of bugs and security flaws along with the enhanced Web browser.Show full article

iPhoto 7.1.1 Increases Leopard Compatibility

Apple has released iPhoto 7.1.1, promising improved support for Leopard and fixes for lots of bugs, albeit without any details whatsoever. Be glad you're worthy to receive the update at all.Show full article

Fetch 5.3 Dons Leopard Spots

Fetch Softworks has released Fetch 5.3 with lots of Leopard-specific features along with the capability to use Copy and Paste to upload files and move files between servers.Show full article

iPhone 1.1.2 Ships: OS X Recaptured Briefly

Apple releases the 1.1.2 software update for the iPhone and iPod touch to patch a serious flaw that also enabled third-party software installation. But software developers were primed: a "jailbreak" for 1.1.2 is already available.Show full article

Final Cut Express 4 Adds AVCHD, iMovie '08 Interoperability

Apple has released Final Cut Express 4, the latest version of its intermediate video editing software, adding support for AVCHD footage, an open format timeline for mixing DV and HD clips within the same project, a bunch of new FxPlug filters, and the capability to import iMovie '08 projects.Show full article

Apple Updates Final Cut Studio 2 Applications

Apple updated its Final Cut Studio 2 suite of applications, bringing Leopard compatibility and specific fixes to the set of video and audio editing tools: Final Cut Pro 6.0.2, Soundtrack Pro 2.0.2, DVD Studio Pro 4.2.1, Motion 3.0.2, Color 1.0.2, Cinema Tools 4.0.1, Compressor 3.0.2, and Pro Applications Update 2007-002.Show full article

PGP Causes Leopard Slowdown, But Fix Is Simple

With PGP installed, upgrading to Leopard can produce hard-to-pinpoint slowdowns, as I saw with a beta of email program Mailsmith. But uninstalling the software or upgrading to a Leopard-compatible beta solves the problem.Show full article

FileMaker's Bento: Undercooked and Slightly Fishy

FileMaker Inc. has released Bento, claiming it's "the personal database that's as easy to use as the Mac." Database consultant Jeff Porten takes the preview release for a spin and finds Bento conceptually interesting but unwilling to stray far enough from the FileMaker fold.Show full article

Comparing Amazon's Kindle to the iPhone and Sony Reader

The new Amazon Kindle could finally bring a portable electronic book reader to the masses because of its ubiquitous network connection along with push subscriptions. At $399, it might still be a hard sell. We compare the Kindle to the Sony Reader and the iPhone, which share characteristics with Kindle.Show full article

Bonus Stories for 19-Nov-07

Bonus stories for this week's email issue include reviews of Wiretap Studio and the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, along with ICANN news, a service for eliminating unwanted paper catalogs, and iPhone and CSS tips.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/19-Nov-07

This week's discussions revolve around Leopard's firewall and other security issues, hosting a Web site on .Mac that doesn't come from iWeb, and reactions to recent TidBITS articles, among other topics.Show full article

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