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TidBITS 2007 Holiday Hiatus

We're taking the last two weeks of the year off, so look for the next email issue of TidBITS on 07-Jan-08. But we'll continue posting new articles to our Web site, and TidBITS Talk will also continue apace.Show full article

QuickTime 7.3.1 Fixes RTSP Vulnerability

Apple has released QuickTime 7.3.1, a security update that patches a potentially serious exploit that could enable unauthorized access to your Mac.Show full article

Get DivX Pro for Free for a Limited Time

If you're interested in creating DivX-encoded videos, you can - for an unspecified limited time - get a free serial number for the $19.99 DivX Pro software.Show full article

Take Control News: Save with MacSanta Discounts

Save 20% on all Take Control ebooks on December 18th, and if you miss that day, you can still save 10% through the end of December.Show full article

Take Control News: Master Your iPhone with Ted Landau's Advice

Thanks to up-to-date details from troubleshooting guru Ted Landau, iPhone users can learn to use their iPhones more effectively and solve nearly any problem that might afflict their shiny new toys.Show full article

Take Control News: Three Ebook Updates for Holiday Reading

In our final crunch before the holiday break, we have three more ebook updates for your reading pleasure - new versions of "Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac," "Take Control: The Mac OS X Lexicon," and "Take Control of Digital TV."Show full article

Quay Sticks It to Stacks

First the Dock lost its silly reflectiveness, then we blocked the menu bar's transparency. Now a new utility, Quay, lets you replace Stacks in the Leopard Dock with folders that have hierarchical menus - just like on, uh, Tiger, Panther, and every iteration of Mac OS X. Except Leopard. Except that Quay's hierarchical menus are cooler.Show full article

Default Folder X Tames Leopard's Open/Save Dialogs

You know there's something really clumsy and annoying about Open and Save dialogs, but you can't quite say what it is. Right? Right??? Well, Default Folder X shows you what it is - by fixing it.Show full article

NTFS Options for Mac Expand

A new tool called NTFS for Mac OS X enables you to read and write to NTFS volumes (such as a Boot Camp partition) seamlessly and with better performance than previously available options.Show full article

Chumby: The Beanbag Computer

What's a Chumby, and do you want one in your life? Kevin van Haaren explains what's behind (and inside) the new beanbag computer, and expresses frustration at its reliance on Flash in favor of JavaScript.Show full article

Horsepower & Image Sensors

Camera manufacturers make a big deal about how many megapixels their cameras have, but does it really matter? Or ought we be looking at other aspects of the camera's image sensor?Show full article

Google Goes After Wikipedia

An ambitious new project from Google takes aim at Wikipedia, but at least as it has been described so far, it suffers from numerous conceptual problems and makes Google seem more like Microsoft than ever before.Show full article

Bonus Stories for 17-Dec-07

Only two bonus stories this week, as we wind down to our end-of-year holiday hiatus.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/17-Dec-07

This week's discussions are all over the Mac map, ranging from streaming audio through an AirPort Express and potential bugs in Leopard and Tiger to readers' impressions of the iPod touch and how to store data on it.Show full article

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