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Flying to Macworld? Carry On Your Batteries!

New rules from the U.S. Department of Transportation forbid checking spare lithium batteries in your luggage; you must bring them in your carry-on luggage. Read on for details.Show full article

Amazon MP3 Scores DRM-Free Music: What About Apple?

Amazon.com has signed up all four major music labels to provide DRM-free music for Amazon MP3. Can we expect Apple to announce an equivalent amount of DRM-free music in the iTunes Store at Macworld?Show full article

Parallels Server Brings Virtualization to Leopard Server

A new virtualization environment from Parallels allows Leopard Server to run as a guest operating system, among other interesting tricks.Show full article

NewsGator Turns NetNewsWire Loose for Free

NewsGator unleashes NetNewsWire and all the rest of its newsreader software for free in order to promote greater adoption of its corporate-focused servers. It's good news for the average individual, too.Show full article

Nolobe Ships Major Interarchy Update

The latest release appears of hoary file-transfer program Interarchy, now featuring a new Leopard look and a faster encrypted mirroring option.Show full article

Airfoil 3 Spreads Music Streaming Beyond AirPort Express

The latest version of Airfoil synchronizes video to remote audio, and can stream audio to remote Macs, not just AirPort Express Base Stations.Show full article

Rogue Amoeba's Live Disc Avoids Wasting CDs

Wouldn't it be cool if all those CDs containing demo software that are given away at trade shows could automatically ensure that their contents were always up to date? Rogue Amoeba has figured out how to make it happen.Show full article

New Mac Pro Goes Eight-Core Before Macworld Expo

When "the fastest Mac ever" doesn't make the cut for the Macworld Expo keynote, you have to wonder what Apple's up to. But in the meantime, check out the specs on the new Mac Pro!Show full article

New Xserve Goes Eight-Core Too

Not content with updating just the Mac Pro before Macworld Expo, Apple also released a new eight-core update to the Xserve that mimics many of the Mac Pro's specs.Show full article

Secure Your iPhone Connections at Macworld Expo - and Beyond

Macworld Expo will be a prime location for those with bad intent to snarf passwords and data as it flies through the air from unwary iPhone users and their unsecured iPhones. Laptop users are at risk, too, of course. Here are some hints and references for ensuring your privacy before attending the event - or visiting any Wi-Fi hot spot.Show full article

CES 2008 Day 1: Finding My Bearings

You may have thought that Macworld Expo is a big trade show, and it's not small. But compared to CES, as our intrepid correspondent Jeff Porten found out, Macworld is small and (luckily) highly focused.Show full article

CES 2008 Day 1: Keyboards, Power, Eyewear, and More

CES is all about gadgets, and Jeff Porten has hunted down some of the most interesting ones, including a keyboard that can change the picture on each keycap, a USB flash drive that backs up files online, a head-mounted display for your iPod, and more.Show full article

CES 2008 Day 2: From iPods to iShoes

Jeff Porten continues to wander the cavernous halls of CES in search of cool stuff... and this time he finds something that could help him get around: the 13 MPH iShoes! (Really. We're not kidding.)Show full article

CES 2008 Day 3: Robots and Wrap-up

CES is now over, but read on for Jeff Porten's final collection of products, booths, services, and more, along with an explanation of exactly how he ended up asking a Playboy Playmate for information on Tasers.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/14-Jan-08

This week's discussions at TidBITS Talk deal with backing up large databases using Time Machine, the ongoing question of how much Intuit hates its customers, Apple's new Mac Pro release right before Macworld Expo, and a number of glitches that readers have encountered (and solved).Show full article

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