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iWork and iWeb Updated, Apple Restricts Release Notes

Apple released updates to iWork and iWeb, but described three of the four updates with a mere eight words (and that's counting "Mac OS X" as three words. Read on, not for a useful description of the updates (which isn't possible), but for Adam's rant at Apple for not trusting us with real information.Show full article

Microsoft Bids $44.6 Billion for Yahoo

In a surprise move, Microsoft has made an unsolicited $44.6 billion offer to buy Yahoo. Does this make sense? Will Yahoo accept the offer?Show full article

CS Odessa Sponsoring TidBITS

Thanks to CS Odessa, makers of the ConceptDraw business graphics program, for sponsoring TidBITS.Show full article

DealBITS Drawing: Win a Copy of Sound Studio 3

If you work with audio, don't miss your chance to win a copy of Sound Studio 3 from Freeverse!Show full article

Crazy Apple Rumors Site Kills Self, Collapses Mineshaft

As the saying we just made up goes, "The strangest truth is that which is false." That's why we'll miss Crazy Apple Rumors Site so very much. Also, they gave us pie.Show full article

Fix for Mysterious Word 2008 Crash

Will Word 2008 not launch for you? Here's one possible solution.Show full article

For Want of a File, an Operating System Was Lost

Glenn finds that Leopard heads into an infinite Setup Assistant loop due to a single damaged file. He feels like a Windows user for a moment: the only way out is to reinstall the operating system.Show full article

Quick Fix for a Mac Typing in the Wrong Language

If you find that your Mac unexpectedly starts typing in a different character set, such as Greek or Arabic, the explanation may be simple.Show full article

Catalog Choice Slammed by Direct Marketing Association

Catalog Choice must be doing a good job of helping individuals reduce the flood of unwanted catalogs - the Direct Marketing Association is on the defensive.Show full article

New Leopard Ebooks Help with Backups, Maintenance, and More

Our authors have been hard at work exploring Leopard's ins and outs, and we have three new ebooks for you that tell you what you need to know about Time Machine, maintaining your Mac, and using the big new features in Leopard.Show full article

Looking Video Chat Problems in the Eye

Using iChat or Skype for video chats or remote presentations can be awkward in that you can't look into the camera and see the person on the other end at the same time. Until Apple's patented solution to this problem materializes, you can get partway there with a simple gadget called See Eye 2 Eye.Show full article

When Is a Warranty Not a Warranty?

When you're buying a hardware add-on for your Mac, features and price are key factors, but what about warranty? If your accessory fails, will the manufacturer replace it? We explore what consumers need to know about the differences from one manufacturer's warranty to the next - looking not just at the number of years you're covered, but the number of days, or weeks, you might have to wait for service.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/04-Feb-08

This week's discussions cover a wide gamut: migrating contact information and synchronizing to a Palm Treo, comparing Drive Genius to DiskWarrior, Apple's annoying lack of useful release notes, booting from an external hard drive, and more.Show full article

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