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Apple Releases Aperture 2

Aperture 2 is now available, bringing plenty of new features and performance improvements to Apple's digital photo management and editing application.Show full article

AT&T Adds ExpressCard 3G Cell Data Option for MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro owners can now access 3G cellular networks with a new ExpressCard provided by AT&T for free, as long as you sign up for a two-year, unlimited usage contract at $60 per month.Show full article

Leopard Emerges from Beta as 10.5.2 Ships

The release of Mac OS X 10.5.2 brings Leopard much closer to being sufficiently reliable for production tasks. Some showstoppers have been fixed, many bugs squashed, and cosmetic problems cleaned up.Show full article

Leopard 10.5.2: TidBITS Complains, Apple Listens, Sort Of

With the release of the recent 10.5.2 update, how does Leopard stand up under the criticisms I leveled at it in my article, "Six Things I Hate About Leopard"? Hint: Two out of six isn't bad, but it isn't good either.Show full article

Linotype FontExplorer Broken by 10.5.2, Fixed Already

Version 1.2.3 of FontExplorer adds Leopard compatibility, and fixes problems introduced by Mac OS X 10.5.2.Show full article

iTunes Fails the Parental Rental

All those of you who can get through a feature film at home in a single sitting in one night, take one step backwards. Those remaining in front have tiny children, limited time, or short attention spans. We'd like iTunes Store movie rentals to give us more flexibility.Show full article

Extend iTunes Movie Rentals Beyond 24 Hours

Apple says that iTunes movie rentals expire after 24 hours, but is that really true? Mark Boszko investigates, and find out that you're not necessarily out of luck if you can't finish in that 24-hour window.Show full article

Starbucks Deal Brewed with AT&T Has Hints of Apple

Starbucks is likely a launch partner for the 3G iPhone, based on yesterday's deal to bring in AT&T as their in-store Wi-Fi provider. The tea leaves - excuse me, coffee grounds - aren't hard to read.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/18-Feb-08

In this week's discussions, readers weigh in on the changes in Mac OS X 10.5.2, discuss AT&T's recent announcements about progress on their 3G network and their new relationship with Starbucks, try to solve the problem of a recurring beachball icon, and more.Show full article

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