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SuperDuper 2.5 Released with Leopard Compatibility

The latest version of the popular disk cloning utility is not only compatible with Leopard, it has some fancy tricks up its sleeve - such as making copies of Time Machine archives.Show full article

More MacBook, MacBook Pro Keyboard Problems Fixed

If your MacBook or MacBook Pro has been dropping the first key press after having been idle, rejoice, because Apple has a fix for you. Alas, if you're experiencing this problem on any other Mac, you're still out of luck.Show full article

Apple Drops iPod shuffle Price, Introduces 2 GB Model

The 1 GB iPod shuffle just dropped $30, and Apple will be releasing a 2 GB model later this month. What's to quibble about? Is the iPod shuffle really "impossibly small?" Nah...Show full article

Airfoil Adds Apple TV Support, Updated for Windows

Airfoil for Mac OS X and Windows now has full support for streaming to the new Apple TV release. Airfoil Speakers now works under Windows, too.Show full article

Take Control News: Learn to Wrangle Permissions in Leopard

Permissions are among the most complex and confusing aspects of Unix that Macintosh users are forced to deal with, but thanks to Brian Tanaka's clear explanations in "Take Control of Permissions in Leopard," working with permissions no longer has to feel like a game of "Mother, May I?".Show full article

Apple Releases Xsan 2, Discontinues Xserve RAID

Apple has announced Xsan 2, with snazzy new features for enterprise storage folks. But at the same time, the Xserve RAID was quietly discontinued, and Apple is now pointing customers at a third-party RAID. What's up with that?Show full article

Blu-ray Wins High-Definition Disc Format Battle

The format war over high-definition video stored on discs is over: Sony and its Blu-ray spec stands triumphant over Toshiba's HD-DVD. The real winners? You, as you don't have to decide among competing formats for home, computer, or disc purchases.Show full article

Three Cell Carriers Offer Unlimited Minutes for $100 per Month

AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless shave off the top of their profit margins by offering $100 per month unlimited cellular calling plans, with various included and add-on unlimited text messaging and phone-based Internet and email access. Verizon led the movement, with AT&T and T-Mobile joining later in the day. Sprint Nextel is still lost at sea.Show full article

FileVault Security Compromised with Compressed Air

The memory chips used in personal computers retain their data after power is removed - longer if you freeze them. This leads to a security weakness: disk encryption keys can be extracted from memory even if a computer is active, locked or sleeping.Show full article

DRM Foils iTunes Movie Rentals for Some Apple TV Owners

After discovering that my Apple TV wouldn't play a rented movie because of the way it's connected to a Dell LCD display, I took an unorthodox route: I contacted Apple customer support. It all worked out in the end, but beware if you're in a similar situation.Show full article

Using iChat Theater for Remote Presentations

Leopard's iChat Theater feature makes remote video presentations far easier and more flexible than before. But the experience doesn't always match up with the elegant effect of Apple's demos.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/25-Feb-08

People are looking for answers this week, as readers seek advice for connecting audio-visual equipment, filling in PDF forms, getting old Macs to sleep under Leopard, threading messages in Mail, and more.Show full article

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