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iPhone 1.1.4 Update Preps for SDK?

The latest version of the operating system for the iPhone and iPod touch fixes some bugs and may lay some groundwork for the upcoming SDK.Show full article

iPhoto 7.1.3 Fixes Books and Cards

iPhoto 7.1.3 addresses issues with wire-bound books and cards, and will hopefully help keep iPhoto out of therapy.Show full article

Time Capsule Ships with Support for USB Drive Backups

Apple's network backup appliance Time Capsule ships, combining a Wi-Fi base station with a fast internal hard drive - and the ability to use Time Machine with USB-attached drives. It's a network-attached storage device, too.Show full article

New MacBook Pro Gains Multi-Touch Trackpad, MacBook Speed Bumped

Apple has released new MacBook and MacBook Pro models that offer faster CPUs, larger hard drive options, and - in the MacBook Pro - the multi-touch trackpad that debuted with the MacBook Air.Show full article

Sprint Nextel Adds $90 and $100 Unlimited Monthly Plans

Sprint ups the ante on its competitors' unlimited calling plans: $90 for unlimited voice and messaging; $100 for the whole megillah. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile charge $10 to $40 more per month for comparable services.Show full article

Leopard's iChat Screen Sharing Perfect for Quick Collaboration

In which Matt and Tonya find editorial happiness, doing in five minutes together (although 3,000 miles apart) what might have taken two days separately, and having a heck of a lot more fun too.Show full article

Analyzing the MacSanta Promotion

The MacSanta promotion gave us days and days of deals from over 120 Macintosh developers - it was great for Mac users. But was it worthwhile for the participating developers? Adam crunches some numbers.Show full article

CheckUp 1.0: A Beautiful but Unripe Maintenance Utility

A new maintenance utility looks fantastic and does a few things well, but has some serious bugs, missing features, and other problems.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/03-Mar-08

This week's discussions cover a variety of topics, such as whether the iPod shuffle can get any smaller in size, using Time Machine with SuperDuper, problems with administrator access and keyboard firmware on some Mac models, and more.Show full article

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