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Viewing Wi-Fi Details in Snow Leopard

In Snow Leopard, hold down the Option key before clicking the AirPort menu. Doing so reveals additional technical details including which standards, speeds, and frequencies you're using to connect, as well as what's in use by other networks. With the Option key held down and with a network already joined, the AirPort menu reveals seven pieces of information: the PHY Mode, the MAC (Media Access Control) address, the channel and band in use, the security method that's in use, the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) measurement, the transmit rate, and the MCS Index. In Leopard, some, but not all, of these details are revealed by Option-clicking the AirPort menu.

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Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Focus on Performance, Not Features

Although most of what was discussed during the WWDC keynote revolved around the iPhone, Apple did let slip a few details about the next version of Mac OS X - code-named Snow Leopard. Don't start looking for new features, though, since Snow Leopard is instead aimed at being one fast cat.Show full article

Apple Announces iPhone 3G to Ship on 11-Jul-08

After months of speculation, Apple has announced the iPhone 3G with 3G cellular data networking and GPS capabilities, along with all sorts of software features. But don't head down to your local Apple Store just yet, since the iPhone 3G won't be available for sale until early July.Show full article

More iPhone App Store Details Revealed

All those iPhone apps? You'll be buying them from the new App Store, and although Apple answered some questions about it at WWDC, other questions remain.Show full article

iPhone 2.0 Poised for the Enterprise

Apple has all but ignored the enterprise market for year, with Steve Jobs famously declaring that if Apple made great products the enterprise would come to Apple. With the iPhone 2.0 software, Apple has changed its tune and implemented the kind of enterprise-specific features that large organizations expect in mobile devices.Show full article

.Mac Morphs into MobileMe

As rumored, Apple has renamed the .Mac online service to "MobileMe," in the process adding push synchronization features that will, in the words of Phil Schiller, turn it into "Exchange for the rest of us."Show full article

No, David Pogue, Ebook Piracy is Not a Given

David Pogue recently wrote a widely read blog post in which he explains that piracy is the reason he doesn't make his books available in PDF format. But we disagree strongly with this sentiment - easy, inexpensive online distribution may be the best way of avoiding illicit sharing, as we've seen with Take Control. Read on for Adam's analysis of the business scenarios.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 09-Jun-08

Notable software releases this week include the Leopard Boot DVDs for Data Rescue II and Drive Genius 2, Differencia 1.1, DragThing 5.9.3, Default Folder X 4.0.6, the HTML Snippet Set for Typinator, and updated Canon and Brother printer drivers.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/09-June-08

This week's TidBITS Talk discussion topics are refreshingly disparate, covering Apple TV download speeds, illicit ebook copying, swapping cable modem hardware to improve performance, Windows software under virtualization or Boot Camp, and sharing files among family members in different locations.Show full article

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