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TidBITS Issue Hiatus for 07-Jul-08

Although articles will continue to be published on the TidBITS Web site, there will be no email issue for 07-Jul-08, as we take a break to try out this newfangled concept of the "summer vacation."Show full article

Mac OS X 10.5.4 and Security Update 2008-004 Fix Bugs

Mac OS X 10.5.4 is out, with fixes for a variety of bugs, many of which are in iCal, though the recent ARDAgent security vulnerability remains open. We suspect that the update was prompted by the fix that resolves problems with saving and reopening Adobe CS3 files on remote servers.Show full article

Critical Updates for Microsoft Office 2008 and 2004

If you're using Microsoft Office 2008, run, don't walk, to download and install the 12.1.1 update, which fixes the problem with downloaded or attached Word and Excel documents not opening when double-clicked, along with other troublesome bugs in Word, Excel, and Entourage. Office 2004 also receives some important fixes for crashing bugs and interoperability with Office 2008 applications. Show full article

Linksys Gateways Gain Mac Configuration Software

Mac users with popular Linksys Wi-Fi gateways can now use real Mac configuration software from the company instead of the awkward Web-based configuration interface.Show full article

Take Control News: Better Backups with New Ebooks and Free Content

In conjunction with the third edition of Joe Kissell's best-selling "Take Control of Mac OS X Backups," we've released the biggest feature comparison of Mac backup apps ever, along with an update to "Take Control of Easy Backups in Leopard."Show full article

The Hole in My Backup Plan

Joe Kissell has good backups of his data, but his backup plan had one crucial missing element: an adequately powerful second Mac to use when his main computer is on the fritz.Show full article

How to Protect Yourself from the New Mac OS X Trojans

Take a few simple steps to understand and protect yourself from the latest malicious software targeting Macs.Show full article

The Evolving World of Mac Backup Software

The release of Time Machine hasn't slowed down development of third-party Mac backup programs. Not only are there more choices now than ever, backup features are evolving in new and surprising ways.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 30-Jun-08

Notable software releases this week include Simon 2.4.1, Keyboard Maestro 3.2, MarsEdit 2.1.4, Final Cut Server Update 1.1, and Pro Applications Update 2008-002.Show full article

Bonus Stories for 30-Jun-08

Our issue is full up, but we have plenty of other great stories for you, including Glenn's look at new top-level domain names and a call for Microsoft to throw Windows out and start over like Apple did, Joe's explanation of sparse bundle disk images, Ted Landau's coverage of text messaging on the iPhone, and how to print a picture on an M&M.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/30-Jun-08

In this week's TidBITS Talk discussions, readers share their experiences with Firefox 3, debate the merits of AppleCare, examine the latest Mac OS X Trojan vulnerability, solicit suggestions for hands-free Bluetooth speaker systems for cars, and query about an unresolved PowerPoint 2008 bug.Show full article

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