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Tune In Tomorrow For Apple Event Coverage

Apple will be announcing something - likely updated iPods - tomorrow in San Francisco. Check the TidBITS Web site for our coverage of Apple's special event, and our thoughts on how the announcements may make up for Apple's recent missteps.Show full article

Amazon Launches Mac-Compatible Video on Demand

The media-selling giant finally supports Mac users with its digital video rental and purchase service (previously Amazon Unbox) through a browser-based Flash player.Show full article

Take Control News: Learn to Podcast on the Mac

The second edition of Andy Affleck's "Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac" provides coverage of all the latest podcasting software, adds instructions on improving sound quality with audio plug-ins (complete with audible examples!), and offers advice on conducting successful interviews.Show full article

WireTap Anywhere Records from Multiple Sources

Wish you could simultaneously record the audio from an iChat voice chat, a Skype call, and iTunes? WireTap Anywhere lets you mix and match your hardware and software audio inputs.Show full article

SugarSync Sweetens Online Syncing

This recently updated service offers nicely implemented, cross-platform, online file synchronization. But the coolest part is their new iPhone app, which lets you do tricks like emailing files on your computer from your phone.Show full article

Searching for the iPhone 3G Case of My Dreams

As a newly assimilated iPhone owner, Joe Kissell quickly got sucked into a quest for the perfect case. He's gradually zeroing in on what he really wants.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 08-Sep-08

Notable software releases so far this week include Dialectic 1.2, Sandvox 1.5, Simon 2.4.2, PCalc 3.3, Sound Studio 3.5.7 and Tinderbox 4.5.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/08-Sep-08

This week's discussions cover a wide range of topics: software for tracking a stolen laptop, migrating from Panther to Leopard, burning a copy of a commercial DVD, using an iPhone worldwide, and Google's new Chrome Web browser.Show full article

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