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Font Puns Galore in Extensis's Bravefont Trailer

Extensis had way too much fun in producing this trailer for a spoof movie called Bravefont. It's really a teaser for Suitcase Fusion 2, but the video is a must-see for its combination of movie cliches and font jokes.Show full article

Take Control News: 50%-Off Sale to Celebrate 5th Anniversary

It has been five years since we started the Take Control series of electronic books, and we're celebrating with a 50-percent-off sale through 14-Oct-08. We also share Take Control sales numbers and other stats.Show full article

Apple Allows Developers to Talk about iPhone Software

Apple will no longer keep developers from discussing public aspects of the iPhone SDK and programming practices. The non-disclosure agreement had prevented developers from learning from one another about common problems, and from releasing public domain and open-source code.Show full article

Older Mac Pros Toxic or Just Smelly?

A problem with Mac Pros manufactured before 2008 has gained new life after a recent article in a French newspaper claims the machines are emitting volatile organic compounds, including the carcinogen benzene.Show full article

The Return of AIM (in Beta)

AOL, left for dead, releases a test version of an updated AOL Instant Messenger with tabbed sessions, animated icons, wallpaper, and custom emoticon sets.Show full article

Easy Wi-Fi Enters Hotspot Passwords for You

Devicescape has finally released an Apple-approved version of its connection software for Wi-Fi hotspots. Easy Wi-Fi lets you enter network keys and subscription passwords on the company's Web site and then use them without re-entry on an iPhone or iPod touch.Show full article

The iPhone Game Review Conundrum

When Joe Kissell set out to review three casual games for the iPhone/iPod touch, he thought he found a great way to justify wasting hours of time. But there was a hidden gotcha: making meaningful recommendations given the huge number of competitors (41 different Sudoku apps - ouch!).Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 06-Oct-08

Notable software releases so far this week include Apple TV 2.2, Firefox PDF Plugin for Mac OS X 0.9.9, iTunes 8.0.1, SousChef 1.0, OmniWeb 5.8, Quark Publishing System 8, Drive Genius 2.1, and You Control: Desktops 1.3.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/06-Oct-08

Readers this week are talking about external keyboard support for the iPhone and iPod touch, editing XML, storing URLs in a central location, screen savers, and the unexpected return of AIM.Show full article

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