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No TidBITS Issue on 24-Nov-08

As is our custom this time of year, we're taking the 24-Nov-08 issue off to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. Our next issue will appear 01-Dec-08.Show full article

Safari 3.2 Fixes Security Flaws

Apple releases Safari 3.2 to repair vulnerabilities and other problems in all versions of its flagship Web browser.Show full article

Laptop Recovery Software Uses Wi-Fi and Flickr

GadgetTrak releases a Mac OS X laptop-recovery program that uses Wi-Fi positioning to identify a missing machine's location and Flickr to upload images of the thief.Show full article

MacSpeech Sponsoring TidBITS, Joins Returning Sponsors

MacSpeech is our latest long term sponsor, joining such other stalwarts as Microsoft, Circus Ponies, Fetch Softworks, VMware, Mark/Space, CS Odessa, and Bare Bones Software.Show full article

Parallels Releases Parallels Desktop 4.0

The latest version of Parallels Desktop features performance improvements, enhanced usability features, and bundled software for security, backups, and disk partitioning. It also now supports Mac OS X Server, 64-bit operating systems, and capabilities that will be found in Intel's next generation of processors.Show full article

iPhone Saves Weary Road Warrior

Modern air travel is never easy, but when bad weather diverts Rich Mogull's plane, his trusty iPhone ensures he gets a hotel room for the night with three measly screen taps.Show full article

Send SMS Messages for Free on the iPhone

Frustrated with having to pay for SMS messages on his iPhone - both sent and received - Chris Pepper examines alternative ways of sending text messages.Show full article

Wrangle Windows on a Mac with 'Take Control of VMware Fusion 2'

Our latest ebook from Joe Kissell goes in depth with the popular virtualization program VMware Fusion 2, providing real-world advice to help readers install, configure, and run Windows on a Mac with a minimum of fuss.Show full article

Comparing Five iPhone File Transfer Apps

Looking for a way to transfer files other than your music or photos to your iPhone or iPod touch? David Strom takes a look at a handful of iPhone file transfer apps.Show full article

Improving the HTML Accessibility of Our Cart

After much hair-pulling, we finally figured out why the Download Ebook button on the last screen of our Take Control shopping cart couldn't be seen by Apple's VoiceOver technology.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 17-Nov-08

Notable software releases so far this week include Firefox 3.0.4, Coda 1.6, PDFpen 4.0.2, iLife Support 8.3.1, and NeoOffice 2.2.5 Patch 3.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/17-Nov-08

This week's TidBITS Talk discussions touch on a broad range of topics: the number of audio files the iTunes Store serves up, viewing PDFs on an iPhone or iPod touch, experiences with PGP, using an unlocked iPhone as a modem, converting AIFF files to MP3, and the differences between Safari and WebKit.Show full article

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