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Apple Fixes Serious iPhone SMS Vulnerability

Security researchers at the Black Hat Security Conference have demonstrated the capability to attack the iPhone through special SMS messages. Apple responded by releasing iPhone OS 3.0.1 with a fix.Show full article

Simplify Security with "Take Control of Passwords in Mac OS X"

Want to keep your passwords secure, but feel that the whole security thing is getting out of hand? Turn to Mac expert Joe Kissell, who walks you through the most effective and efficient techniques for choosing and managing your passwords in the second edition of this popular ebook.Show full article

FCC Queries Apple, AT&T, and Google about Google Voice App

Following the rejection by Apple of an official app for the Google Voice service, plus the removal of third-party Google Voice apps that had already been approved for the App Store, the Federal Communications Commission is investigating Apple and AT&T.Show full article

David Pogue's "Take Back the Beep" Campaign

New York Times columnist David Pogue has had it with the 15-second messages that cellular carriers add to voicemail messages - they waste our time and increase our bills. It's time to Take Back the Beep!Show full article

Time Capsule Bumped to 2 TB

Apple has quietly upgraded the Time Capsule backup appliance and wireless base station, providing models with 1 TB and 2 TB capacity at the same price points as the previous lineup.Show full article

Eye-Fi's Geo Targets Apple for Wireless Photo Transfers

The $60 Eye-Fi Geo Wi-Fi memory card transfers images from a camera over a local Wi-Fi network, stamps them with Wi-Fi-derived geographic coordinates, and imports the pictures into iPhoto.Show full article

Google CEO Leaves Apple Board, Signaling Increased Competition

In a public acknowledgement that Google and Apple are now competitors, Google's CEO has stepped down from Apple's board of directors. Where does that leave Microsoft in this three-way sumo match?Show full article

RSS Feeds for TidBITS Comments

The TidBITS Commenting System now offers RSS feeds for tracking either the comments on a particular article or all comments posted across all articles.Show full article

Apple Releases MobileMe iDisk app for iPhone and iPod touch

With its usual impeccable timing, Apple has finally released the MobileMe iDisk app for iPhone and iPod touch, just a week after the new version of "Take Control of MobileMe" appeared. But no worries; updated information is already available for owners of the book.Show full article

Fake Apple Tablet Rumors

Everyone's talking about Apple's tablet Mac, so why should any solid information stop us from participating in the wild speculation? Kevin van Haaren reports what he's heard from his elaborate network of spies.Show full article

Apple: Web-enabled iPhone Apps Aren't for Kids

The latest App Store annoyance? If an iPhone app can open an arbitrary Web page, it must be rated as 17+ in the App Store, and is listed with all sorts of dire descriptions of the possible content that could be accessed.Show full article

Boxcar Offers Push Notifications from Twitter

Tired of paying SMS message rates? Pick up a copy of Boxcar and get your friends to send you direct messages via Twitter instead - Boxcar pushes notification of Twitter messages to your iPhone.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 03-Aug-09

Notable software releases this week include Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat and Reader 9.1.3, Path Finder 5.1.4, SpamSieve 2.7.5, and Fetch 5.5.1.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 03-Aug-09

Read on for links to a few interesting articles and resources that the TidBITS staff discovered on the Web this week.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk for 03-Aug-09

TidBITS Talk readers this week are looking for (and finding) answers for several issues: how to deal with a font cache bug in Leopard; replacing an LCD display; repairing corrupted Microsoft Entourage databases; and streaming surround-sound audio. We also talk about a report that says Apple commands a huge portion of the market for computers costing more than $1,000, and a reader points out a nasty bug in Preview that deletes pages you didn't intend to remove.Show full article

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