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Share “Take Control of Your iPad, Second Edition” with a Friend

by Adam C. Engst

We’re pleased to present our latest ebook, “Take Control of Your iPad, Second Edition,” written by our intrepid editor-in-chief Tonya Engst to help people get more delight from any iPad running iOS 6. Although this guide has something for nearly any iPad user, more-advanced iPad users may not see it as necessary… but if that’s true of you, we bet you know someone who does need it! So, as you’ll see below, we think you should buy a copy and share it with a less-geeky friend or relative. (Encouraging sharing? From a book publisher? Heresy!)

Why, you may ask, put significant effort into completing a 226-page ebook that will become increasingly out of date as Apple releases new iPads and iOS updates? Tonya has struggled with that question over the past weeks, particularly as she sat down to write each weekend day for the last month.

What she realized is that the answer is a single word: Delight. She wants people to be delighted with the iPad. Many iPad users get around on it well enough, but aren’t having the amazing experience they should be. They sell themselves short. They can’t find their stuff. They scroll laboriously when they could tap to navigate. They put up with a cacophony of noisy notifications. They miss important email messages. They watch video on the iPad when they could stream it to an Apple TV. They need help... even if they don’t realize that they do. If you, or someone you know, fits that description, “Take Control of Your iPad, Second Edition” can provide the necessary help.

So here’s the deal. Consider your purchase a two-fer. Buy the $15 “Take Control of Your iPad, Second Edition” for yourself, but make a copy and give it to the less-geeky person in your life who really needs it. And if you learn something new too, all the better. We’re serious about this — our goal is to help people with technology, and the best way we know to do that is to get them to read what we write, while still keeping the lights on and the bits flowing.

Here’s a sampling of the many ways this ebook aims to increase iPad delight:

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