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Launching Maps from Address Book

Need fast directions to a contact's location in Address Book? By Control-clicking on the contact's address and selecting "Map Of" from the resulting menu, a Google map displaying the location immediately opens in your browser.

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ITbits: Mac Remote Desktop Software Roundup

David Koff shares an in-depth look at the state of today’s best remote desktop applications, the technologies on which they are built, and recommendations of the best titles to choose for various scenarios.

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Dragon Dictate 4.0

OmniOutliner 4.0.3

Retrospect 11

Mellel 3.3.1

Google’s Chromebook Makes for a Fine Auxiliary Laptop

PDFpen and PDFpenPro 6.1.5

iPad Versus MacBook for the Mobile Writer

DEVONagent Lite, Express, and Pro 3.7


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Marked 2.2 (Build 823)

PDFpen and PDFpenPro 6.1.4

Mellel 3.3

Evernote 5.5

Voila 3.7

Experimenting with “Take Control of Pages” Pre-book on Leanpub

OmniOutliner 4.0.1

OmniOutliner 4 Refines the Outlining Process

ChronoSync 4.4.4 and ChronoAgent 1.4.5

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