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Run Ookla Speedtest from Your Menu Bar

For a quick test of your Internet connection’s performance, try Ookla’s Speedtest app for the Mac, which lets you perform ad-free speed tests with just a couple of clicks.

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AT&T Adds International Support to Wi-Fi Calling

Take Control of Slack Basics: Chapter 3, Master the Interface

Airfoil 5.0.2

Take Control of Slack Basics: Chapter 2, Get Started with Slack

Take Control of Slack Basics: Chapter 1, Introducing Slack

“Take Control of Slack Basics” Serialized in TidBITS

Simon 4.2

Mailplane 3.6.2

Airfoil 5.0

Tweetbot 2.3.3


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Printer Drivers for Gestetner, Lanier, NRG, Savin, and Xerox Printers

Mailplane 3.6

Channels App Adds Live TV to the Apple TV’s Capabilities

Alternatives to Apple’s Wi-Fi Base Stations

Tweetbot 2.3

Airfoil 4.9.2

Safari 9.0.2

Transmit 4.4.10

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