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iTunes 12.6

Adds support for watching iTunes movie rentals on any of your Apple devices. (Free, 269 MB)

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SpamSieve 2.9.28

TextExpander 6.1.7

Apple Remote Desktop 3.9

SoundSource 3.0.1

Slack for Mac 2.5.1

Logic Pro X 10.3.1

BBEdit 11.6.4

Tinderbox 7.0

1Password 6.6.1

ScreenFlow 6.2.1


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GarageBand 10.1.6

Parallels Desktop 12.1.3

Microsoft Office 2016 15.31

Alfred 3.3

TextExpander 6.1.5

Airfoil 5.5.2

CleanMyMac 3.7.2

DEVONthink 2.9.10/DEVONnote 2.9.9

Quicken 2017 for Mac 4.4.3

Art Text 3.2

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