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Trust Local Addresses in VirusBarrier X6's Antivandal

VirusBarrier X6's Antivandal feature stops all kinds of network attacks, including port scans, ping floods and more. However, you may have some devices on your network that send out pings or other requests that may be interpreted as attacks. To prevent this, add them to the Trusted Addresses list so they won't be blocked. You can even add a range of addresses with wildcards, such as 192.168.1.*.

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Typinator 6.1

Adds new markers that can temporarily pause the text expansion tool to define exceptions or suppress the next replacement. (€24.99 new, free update, 7.2 MB)

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Skype 6.15

Fluid 1.8.2

Keyboard Maestro 6.4

Retrospect 11.0.1

Downcast 1.0.11

PopChar X 6.5

Apple Remote Desktop 3.7.2

GarageBand 10.0.2

Alfred 2.2

Default Folder X 4.6.4


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1Password 4.2.1

BBEdit 10.5.9 and TextWrangler 4.5.7

Dragon Dictate 4.0

Delicious Library 3.1.6

OmniOutliner 4.0.3

Retrospect 11

Mellel 3.3.1

Downcast 1.0.10

Mac Pro SMC Firmware Update 2.0

iTunes 11.1.5

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