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PalmPilot, Part 1: Hopelessly Devoted

You wouldn't expect this kind of devotion toward a blender. Most handheld electronic organizers are dumb appliances, storing appointments and phone numbers with the same mindless efficiency a blender uses to mix juiceShow full article

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PalmPilot, Part 2: Power in Your Pocket

If my PalmPilot had no software available for it but the factory-installed applications - Date Book, Address Book, To Do list, and Memo Pad - I still would be a devoted userShow full article

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PalmPilot, Part 3: The Best Gadgets Are... Toys?

When I bought my PalmPilot, members of my family rolled their eyes and reminded me of my propensity for buying electronic "toys." Since then, I've come to rely on the Pilot's organizational features and the wide variety of software written for itShow full article

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Palm Organizer for Macintosh: Details Emerge

After 3Com announced last month that it had purchased Claris Organizer from Apple to use as the basis of its upcoming Macintosh PalmPilot desktop software (see "Claris Organizer Reincarnated as Palm MacPac" in TidBITS-429), Mac users of Organizer and Palm devices have been wondering what the deal means for the futureShow full article

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PalmPilot Upgrade Card Problematic for Mac Users

Macintosh users who have upgraded their PalmPilot organizers using the new Palm 2 MB Upgrade card are discovering a potentially serious problem when synchronizing their dataShow full article

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Mac Palm Desktop Beta Arrives with Palm VII News

After repeated delays, 3Com/Palm Computing has posted a public beta of the Macintosh Palm Desktop 2.1 on its Web site. We typically don't report on beta releases, but in this case Mac-based PalmPilot and Palm III users have waited for months for the new software, even beta software, which replaces the awkward Pilot Desktop 1.0 (see "Palm Organizer for Macintosh: Details Emerge" in TidBITS-432)Show full article

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Palm Shows More in Hand at Expo

For those who wondering why the Palm Computing booth at Macworld Expo was consistently mobbed, here's a quick overview of the PalmPilot and the Macintosh platformShow full article

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New Palm Handhelds Released

New Palm Handhelds Released -- Palm Computing has unveiled two new handheld devices, the Palm IIIx and Palm V, available now. The Palm IIIx ($370) retains the Palm III's curved form factor but includes 4 MB of RAM (plus 2 MB of flash ROM), a much-improved screen with better contrast and readability, and an internal expansion slot for future memory upgrades or add-on devices like pager cardsShow full article

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Palm Desktop Marks Return of a Familiar Organizer

A few years ago, I realized it was time to abandon my tangled mess of scribbled and photocopied papers that formed my personal information management (PIM) systemShow full article

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Palm Releases Palm m125 Organizer

Palm Releases Palm m125 Organizer -- Adding a bit of spit and polish to its entry-level line of handhelds, Palm has introduced the Palm m125, incorporating the expansion and connectivity features of the Palm m500 seriesShow full article

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Palm m505: A Slightly Dim Bulb

Even when I'm testing various models of handheld organizers for books and articles I write about Palm OS-based handhelds, I keep my Palm Vx nearby. I have to return devices when I'm done reviewing them, and so far the Palm Vx is the only one for which I've shelled out my own money: it's thin, lightweight, and has enough memory to store the data I needShow full article

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