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Feeling Lost? An Overview of Global Positioning Systems

Until about five years ago, the Global Positioning System (GPS) existed in the realm of high-tech military thrillers. Fictional spies would tote hand-held units that precisely displayed their locations (or that of their objectives) anywhere on earth - with street maps and 3D topographic representations to boot! Reality imitates artShow full article

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Driving Through Trees: Using GPSy

Karen Nakamura, who wrote the GPS overview article in this issue, contacted TidBITS with an interesting proposition: Would we be interested in testing some GPS units in tandem with her software, GPSy? Although none of us on staff have a good reason to use a GPS unit in the near future, we were tantalized by three factors: the futuristic ability to pinpoint one's position on Earth using orbiting satellites, the fact that Karen offered to write an article about a subject that interested us, and the chance to play with cool toys. Preparing to Race Satellites -- Karen shipped us a copy of GPSy and DeLorme's Street Atlas 3.0, along with two GPS units, a Garmin GPS 12XL and a DeLorme TripMateShow full article

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GPSy 3.0 Maps New Features

GPSy 3.0 Maps New Features -- Directionally impaired Mac users will be relieved to learn of the release of GPSy 3.0, Karen Nakamura's software for working with data from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellitesShow full article

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Internet-Guided Offline Recreation (IGOR): Geocaching

Sitting at a glowing screen for hours on end, with little or no live human interaction - this is the typical Internet experience. But some areas of the Internet compel users to leave the keyboard, go outside, and interact with the real worldShow full article

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Instructions from Outer Space: GPS Car Navigation

Have you ever found yourself driving at high speed or in heavy traffic in an unfamiliar area while the person in the passenger seat frantically attempts to read the map and tell you where to turn next? If you're like me, it's stressfulShow full article

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Bringing Order to NYC Chaos: Garmin StreetPilot c330

It's 11:00 PM, and we're in moderately heavy traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge on our way into New York City. Our directions, passed down in the family for generations (well, at least it seems that way) say to take the second exit after the bridgeShow full article

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Running with a Garmin Forerunner GPS

I have been running regularly for many years. Although I gave up competing 20 years ago, I still like to jog around the lanes and footpaths in Cornwall, England for an hour or so each morningShow full article

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On the Road with the Magellan RoadMate 700

When I last wrote about GPS navigation, Tonya and I had just returned from the mean streets of New York City safely, thanks to the Garmin StreetPilot c330 GPS's voice-navigation instructionsShow full article

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Magellan RoadMate 760 GPS Speaks Out

In my last article about GPS devices with voice-navigation, I mentioned that Magellan was coming out with the RoadMate 760, an upgrade to the RoadMate 700 I was then reviewing that offered two additional features: SayWhere, a text-to-speech capability that enables the device to read the name of the street on which you were next to turn, and SmartDetour, which automatically reroutes you around traffic jams and other obstructionsShow full article

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Garmin StreetPilot 2720 Ups the Ante for Car Navigation

It's been six months since my last entry in our ongoing survey of GPS devices with voice navigation, and in my most recent article, I wrote generally nice things about the Magellan RoadMate 760Show full article

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Magellan RoadMate 3000T/6000T Heads Downhill

As those of you who have read my previous reviews of car navigation GPS devices know, I'm a fan of the technology in general. I would happily recommend one to anyone who plans to do a lot of driving in an unfamiliar areaShow full article

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2006 Gift Ideas for the Macintosh-Minded

We generally focus on the world of the Macintosh, but if there's one thing that sets a Mac user apart, it's an interest in the outside world. As in previous years, the suggestions we've garnered in this category, well, defy categorizationShow full article

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Back in the Saddle with the TomTom Go 720 GPS

Looking for a heavily customizable car navigation GPS that you can connect to your Mac? Adam was too, so he reviewed the TomTom Go 720, and while it performed admirably as a GPS, the Mac connectivity was less satisfactory.Show full article

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Garmin nuvi 255W Focuses on Navigation

Garmin's basic nuvi 255W GPS pares back inessential features to offer an inexpensive GPS that provides excellent navigational capabilities without confusing extras.Show full article

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Comparing Two Early iPhone GPS Navigation Apps

Although the first two GPS navigation apps for the iPhone - G-Map and AT&T Navigator - get the job done, after using both for a while, Adam is still looking for something that compares with a Garmin nuvi 255W.Show full article

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