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TidBITS Events at Macworld SF 2008

Come find us at Macworld Expo in San Francisco with this handy cheat sheet!Show full article

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Flying to Macworld? Carry On Your Batteries!

New rules from the U.S. Department of Transportation forbid checking spare lithium batteries in your luggage; you must bring them in your carry-on luggage. Read on for details.Show full article

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Rogue Amoeba's Live Disc Avoids Wasting CDs

Wouldn't it be cool if all those CDs containing demo software that are given away at trade shows could automatically ensure that their contents were always up to date? Rogue Amoeba has figured out how to make it happen.Show full article

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Secure Your iPhone Connections at Macworld Expo - and Beyond

Macworld Expo will be a prime location for those with bad intent to snarf passwords and data as it flies through the air from unwary iPhone users and their unsecured iPhones. Laptop users are at risk, too, of course. Here are some hints and references for ensuring your privacy before attending the event - or visiting any Wi-Fi hot spot.Show full article

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MacBook Air Highlights Macworld Expo 2008 Keynote

Today's Macworld Expo keynote promised "something in the air," but the highlight actually came from a business-sized envelope during Steve Jobs' presentation. We'll have more in-depth coverage soon, but for now here's a rundown of this morning's developments.Show full article

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Time Capsule Bundles AirPort Base Station and Backup Disk

Combining the backup power of Time Machine and 802.11n wireless networking, Apple's new Time Capsule is an AirPort Extreme Base Station with either 500 GB or 1 TB of internal hard disk storage.Show full article

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iTunes Movie Rentals and Apple TV, Take 2

Apple announced movie rentals through the iTunes Store (including HD rentals), and unveiled Apple TV 2.0, a free software update that adds direct purchase or rental of media and a new interface.Show full article

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iPhone and iPod touch Become Self-Aware

The January '08 updates to the iPhone and iPod touch bring improved Google Maps that can pinpoint your current location automatically, Web Clips for saving portions of Web pages, a new home screen with icons that can be repositioned or assigned to up to nine home screens, and more.Show full article

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MacBook Air Introduced as World's Thinnest Notebook

Claiming the title of "world's thinnest notebook," the MacBook Air is a sub-notebook without the cramped screen and keyboard of other models of its class. It also lacks Ethernet, FireWire, and an optical drive, making wireless Apple's preferred state for this little marvel.Show full article

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Taste of Macworld Keynote Day Podcast

Get an inkling of what keynote day at Macworld Expo is like through a short audio adventure before and after the big news.Show full article

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More Women at Macworld Expo?

TidBITS Senior Editor Tonya Engst is shocked to have to wait in line for the bathroom at Macworld Expo. Seemingly many more women made the trek to the show this year.Show full article

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Mac Industry Marching to a Different Beat

Is Apple still leading the Macintosh industry, or has the popularity of the Mac and the iPhone created a situation where independent developers can do their own thing and let Apple focus on consumer electronics and online entertainment content sales, along with maintaining the basic Mac and iPhone platforms?Show full article

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Macworld Expo Laptop Bag Roundup and Slideshow

Interested in a new laptop bag? Whether you're looking for one that has oodles of pockets, wheels, an eco sensibility, or just a fabulous design in a hip fabric, the laptop vendors at Macworld Expo had something for you. Karen Anderson takes a spin through her favorites, and be sure to watch the slideshow for some pictures.Show full article

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16 Superlative Macworld Expo SF 2008 Products

Every year at Macworld Expo, the TidBITS staff keeps an eye out for the most interesting products, booths, and events - the things that we'd have told you to go check out if you'd been there. Read on for a picture-laden tour of our favorites!Show full article

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More Podcast Coverage from Macworld Expo

Check out these MacVoices and MacNotables podcasts from Macworld Expo with the TidBITS staff.Show full article

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