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Enabling Auto Spelling Correction in Snow Leopard

In Snow Leopard, the automatic spelling correction in applications is not usually activated by default. To turn it on, make sure the cursor's insertion point is somewhere where text can be entered, and either choose Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Correct Spelling Automatically or, if the Edit menu's submenu doesn't have what you need, Control-click where you're typing and choose Spelling and Grammar > Correct Spelling Automatically from the contextual menu that appears. The latter approach is particularly likely to be necessary in Safari and other WebKit-based applications, like Mailplane.

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Running the 2008 Mac Numbers with Tim Cook

Apple loves to share positive numbers at the beginning of keynotes, and the special event to introduce new laptops was no exception. Read on to see just how high Apple's market share has risen, how many visitors the Apple Stores are receiving each day, how many Macs have been sold so far in 2008, and much more.Show full article

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Updated MacBook Design Gets Metal and Glass

The long-awaited redesigned MacBook arrives with a metal enclosure, faster graphics, and a backlit LED screen. It can also drive larger monitors than ever before, but on the downside, it lacks FireWire.Show full article

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New MacBook Air Adds Capacity and Graphics Performance

The new MacBook Air gets a taste of some of the new technologies brought to the other MacBook models.Show full article

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New 24-inch Cinema Display Goes LED, Gets Hydra Cable

Apple's new 24-inch Cinema Display offers LED backlighting, an iSight camera, microphone, speakers, and, most notably, a cable with three connectors that provide USB, audio/video, and power connectivity to the new models in the MacBook family. Show full article

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Redesigned 15-inch MacBook Pro Unleashed

Apple revamps the 15-inch MacBook Pro with a fresh look, improved graphics, glass trackpad, magnetic latch, and more, although you won't find FireWire 400 or a matte screen option.Show full article

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On the Way Out: FireWire and Matte Screens?

Apple's removal of FireWire from the redesigned MacBook and elimination of the matte screen option generates a firestorm of complaints from Mac users. We don't like it, but we'll probably have to lump it.Show full article

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