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Our 300th issue begins with news of Performa price drops, changes in how to contact Intuit, and where to find out more about the Gartner survey detailing how Macs are cheaper to support than Windows machines. The bulk of the issue, though, is a celebration of our 300th issue - 300 reasons about why the Mac is a great machine to use and to write about.


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A New Performa & New Performa Pricing -- In anticipation of the holiday buying season, Apple last week announced Performa price reductions of up to $500. The biggest drop hit the Performa 6220CD, which now starts at about $2,000 for 16 MB of RAM, a quad-speed CD-ROM, a 1 GB hard disk, plus a modem, TV tuner, and software bundle. Apple also announced the Performa 6300CD, featuring a 100 MHz PowerPC 603e processor with 256K Level 2 cache, a 28.8 internal modem, a 15-inch monitor with built-in speakers, 16 MB of RAM and a 1.2 GB hard disk. The Performa 6300CD will debut at the high end of the Performa line, starting around $2,800. [GD]

Intuit Phone and Email Correction -- While Steven Becker wrote the article on Quicken 6.0 in TidBITS-299, I called Intuit to ask what phone numbers and email address they'd prefer to have included. After passing me to four different people, Intuit finally gave me what turned out to be incorrect information: apparently the email address was dedicated to MacInTax (another Intuit product) and the phone numbers were sometimes answered by Intuit, then other times by a dock worker somewhere in California. So, here's Intuit's latest version of their preferred contact information for questions or information on Quicken. Keep your fingers crossed. [GD]

Intuit -- 800/624-8742 -- 415/322-0573 -- <>

Gartner Report Followup -- Many TidBITS readers wrote to ask where they can get their hands on the report from Gartner Group Consulting Services that found Macs cheaper to support than Windows machines (see TidBITS-299). Apple apparently may not be able to make the report available online (the rights are owned by the Gartner Group), but Apple has set up an automatic voice mail system at 800/232-9335 to take requests for physical copies of the report. Apple is working on ways to get the report to folks in countries besides the U.S. and Canada - stay tuned. [GD]

A Cure For Netscape Freezes? Frustrated that Netscape Navigator kept freezing on his Quadra 605, Scott Sykes <> rolled up his sleeves and tried to figure out what the problem might be. The result is Netscape Defrost, a simple system extension that patches a Mac Toolbox call designed to return information about the machine's physical location on the globe. (You can access and set this information through the Map control panel.) Essentially, Netscape Defrost checks this data once, then passes that cached information back to any application that might be looking for it. Though I can't personally vouch for it, Scott certainly has a number of satisfied customers. Netscape Defrost is donation-ware and is designed to work with all versions of Netscape. [GD]

300 Reasons the Mac is Great

by TidBITS Editors and Friends

We wanted to do something a bit out of the ordinary as a celebration for our 300th issue. Eventually, we decided the best way to celebrate TidBITS would be to celebrate the machine that has given us our inspiration for the last five and a half years - the Macintosh.

With the help of some friends, we came up with 300 reasons why the Mac has made it to where it is today. Apple may have its problems, but the company still managed to ship 1.02 million Macs in the second quarter of 1995.

We don't pretend that the 300 entries below are complete, and we're sure there are some egregious omissions. We're only human, and we don't intend the list to be exhaustive or exhausting to research. As such, please don't send us your personal list of reasons why the Mac is great, your line-by-line analysis of our list, things you think we left out, or things you're offended we included. This is a one-shot deal, and we already get plenty of mail.

We wish to thank our friends who helped create this list, including:

Can't Get Enough? Before we get on to the 300 reasons, we wanted to pass on a related note. If you just love reading this sort of Macintosh propaganda, you'll love Apple Fellow Guy Kawasaki's <> new mailing list. It's one-way only, so you don't have to worry about long, drawn-out flame wars. Instead, you get to read great things Guy sends out about Apple. Guy, acting as self-proclaimed "List Pope," writes:

Attention: raging, inexorable Macintosh evangelists! Want to help people buy the right platform and defeat the hegemony that seeks to dominate us all? I've created a mailing list for evangelists of the Macintosh Way.

If you join this list, you'll get sporadic, but interesting, postings such as press releases, announcements, and special offers to help the Macintosh cause. This is a one-to-many list, so your mailbox won't be cluttered with chozzerai. To join, send an email message to <>. The server will respond with information about subscribing.

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