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TidBITS 中文翻譯小組急需生力軍的加入。若您願意幫忙分擔將 TidBITS 翻譯成中文請參考TidBITS 中文小組資訊

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TidBITS - is a free, weekly, electronic publication that reports on the latest news, views, and reviews relating to the personal computer industry, always with an emphasis on the Macintosh and on the Internet. You can find out more about us on our home page.

TidBITS 是一非營利性質的電子週刊,報導和個人電腦工業有關的
電腦有關的報導。若您想知道本刊物的詳細資料與背景,歡迎移駕我們的home page

What are TidBITS Chinese Translated Issues?

There is a team (orginally organized by Dr. Chester Lin) working on the Chinese translations of TidBITS. Currently, Chinese TidBITS offers only Big-5 version. The abstract of translated TidBITS will be posted on <tw.bbs.comp.mac>.

You can also read Chinese TidBITS on the web or subscribe to our mailing list. To receive Chinese TidBITS via e-mail, send e-mail to:


To read the TidBITS Chinese translations, make sure your computer can handle the Chinese. All issues are encoded with Big-5 Chinese Character set. The best solution for Chinese computing on Mac. is installing Chinese OS or Apple's Chinese Language Kit (CLK). However, there are free/sharewares that allow limited Chinese computing (read/write/telnet, etc.) without any Chinese OS or CLK installed. Some packages particularly worth looking at are Mr. Zhao's Pan-Asia Language Environment and Mr. Li's Elixir and Zafir. These packages are available at IFCSS ftp server's pub/software/mac/c-sys and pub/software/mac/editorfolders.

Please note that IFCSS's ftp server is very busy. If you cannot log on, try this mirror.

If you are not using MacOS, IFCSS's Chinese application list or ftp site is a good place to get Chinese free/shareware.

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Read Chinese TidBITS on the web.


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