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Here is a partial list of articles I've written for print magazines. The links lead to articles that are available online.


HTML Analysis

  • The Lady or the Tiger: Seybold Show Daily, April-97
    This article talks about what's up with HTML and Web design technologies.
  • Webmasters Unfazed by New HTML Specs: MacWEEK, Feb-97
  • New Design Freedoms in HTML 3.2: MacWEEK, April-96

Software Reviews

  • The Web Publisher's Essential Tool Kit: Macworld, May-98
    This feature article examines many current Web authoring programs from a task-oriented angle.
  • CyberStudio 2.0: MacWEEK, Dec-97
  • BBEdit 4.5: MacWEEK, Oct-97
  • NetObjects Fusion 2.0: MacAddict, Sep-97
  • Web Collage 1.0: MacAddict, Jul-97
  • Visual Page1.0: MacWEEK, Mar-97
  • Home Page 2.0: MacWEEK, Mar-97
  • 25 Essential Internet Utilities: MacUser, Mar-97
    Published originally as a booklet in the shrinkwrap with MacUser.
  • Picture Perfect Page-Builders: MacUser, Nov-96
    AOLpress 1.2.2j,: Claris Home Page 1.0, Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0, Tapestry/Presto! Personal Page, and Adobe PageMill 2.0. Sidebars look at other programs like Akimbo's GlobeTrotter and BoxTop Software's PhotoGIF.
  • QuickSite 1.0 MacWEEK, Nov-96
  • Navigator Gold 3.0: MacWEEK, Oct-96
  • Navigator Gold 3.0: (beta review) MacWEEK, Aug-96
  • The Web Author's Workshop: MacUser, Aug-96
    Adobe PageMill 1.0,: GNNPress 1.1, Tapestry 1.0, World Wide Web Weaver 1.1, HoTMetaL Pro 2.0, BBEdit 4.0, NisusWriter 4.1,WordPerfect 3.5, and Microsoft Word 6.0/Internet Assistant.
  • WebBurst: MacWEEK, July-96
  • Site Edit: Site Check: MacWEEK, Jun-96

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