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Tonya Joy Engst
50 Hickory Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

607/227-0903 (voice)
425/699-5104 (fax)

This was the first book available that focused on Web authoring using a Macintosh. It pre-dates PageMill and other early Web authoring software, and was written to help everyday Macintosh users wrap their minds around how Web pages work behind the scenes. Because the book covers early HTML only, it is somewhat obsolete; however, it is a great period piece and a nifty way to learn the basics.

Contents Overview

  • Short inspirational section which explains essential jargon (like http and URL) and discusses the included disk.
  • Three completed Web pages shown directly opposite their HTML, complete with callouts that help you put names to what you see and flip to more information.
  • HTML 2.0 basics along with information about how to "break the rules" with HTML 3.0 or Netscape extensions. I also talk about how to use Macintosh programs to include graphics, sounds, and movies.
  • Completion checklist--a list of reminders to check before uploading your page to a Web server. The reminders cover technical issues, content suggestions, and layout tips.
  • Finding a Web server (including four Internet Providers who will serve your home page for $10 per month), plus how to use Anarchie to upload and maintain documents on a Web server.
  • Using HTML Web Weaver.
  • Overviews of how to use HTML+ and rtftohtml, including detailed instructions for working with Word 5 style sheets and rtftohtml.
  • Information about add-on HTML products for word processing and desktop publishing programs.

The included disk contains Anarchie, StuffIt Expander, HTML+, HTML Web Weaver, templates, line and bullet graphics for use on a Web page, and a few sounds that you could attach to a Web page. It also comes with helpful Anarchie bookmarks that lead readers directly to additional software.

Create Your Own Home Page is based on a chapter I wrote for the Internet Starter Kit, third edition, and the entire third edition is available on the Web. The HTML chapter is chapter 26.

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