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Adam Engst 13 comments

Melio Makes Payments for Small Businesses Easy

Faced with the desire to make it easier to pay TidBITS writers every month without a regular fee, Adam Engst discovers Melio, a payment service that offers ACH-based payments for free.

Adam Engst 37 comments

Switching to Xero from AccountEdge

Technology transitions with accounting packages are scary—you don’t want to mess around with your organization’s financial tracking if you can avoid it. With MYOB AccountEdge failing to break through the 32-bit barrier, we at TidBITS chose to move to the cloud-based Xero. After a few initial setup confusions, Xero has given us a fast, modern workflow that makes managing our finances fun.

Rich Mogull No comments

Intuit Alienates Mac Users With QuickBooks Fiasco

Intuit releases a patch to close the door on the QuickBooks data-destruction update fiasco. But is it time to move to alternative small business accounting software? Rich Mogull thinks so.

Adam Engst No comments

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 09-Jun-08

Notable software releases this week include the Leopard Boot DVDs for Data Rescue II and Drive Genius 2, Differencia 1.1, DragThing 5.9.3, Default Folder X 4.0.6, the HTML Snippet Set for Typinator, and updated Canon and Brother printer drivers.

Adam Engst No comments

Going to the AirPort

My brief story about setting up a wireless Ethernet network in our hotel room at Macworld Expo for the purposes of sharing a Ricochet-based Internet connection made some readers wish that they too could do such things (see "Macworld SF 2001: Go Wireless, Young Mac" in TidBITS-565)

Adam Engst No comments

Mac OS X: The Future Is Here – Coming Soon!

On Saturday, March 24th, Apple released Mac OS X 10.0, marking the company's official move from the much-evolved Mac OS 9.1 to the entirely new Mac OS X

TidBITS Staff No comments


Other members of the TidBITS staff are also contributing to the TenBITS columns - our looks at issues and products surrounding Mac OS X - so check for initials after each item to see who's responsible for it. More on Mac OS X's FTP Server -- I hate being fooled by a special case

Matt Deatherage No comments

Intuit’s QuickBooks Employs FUD Against MYOB

Intuit today announced that it is developing QuickBooks Pro 5.0 for Mac OS X, to be available in the first quarter of 2003. What does it do? Intuit won't say, other than that it runs natively in Mac OS X and Mac OS 9

Adam Engst No comments

Free Jaguar with MYOB

Free Jaguar with MYOB -- Apple may be bundling a "New User Edition" of Intuit's QuickBooks accounting program with new professional level Macs, but long-time Macintosh accounting software vendor MYOB isn't taking it lying down

Tonya Engst No comments

MercuryMover 2.0 Puts Windows Where You Want Them

Over the weekend, Tonya didn't lose my marbles, but she nearly lost a window. However, the brand-new MercuryMover 2.0 came to the rescue and let her recover her off-screen window.

Doug McLean No comments

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 01-Dec-08

Notable software releases since our last issue of TidBITS include HandBrake 0.9.3, MacSpeech Dictate 1.2.1, Freeway 5.3, Default Folder X 4.1, Adobe Camera Raw 5.2, Safari 3.2.1, DiscLabel 5.4, iTunes 8.0.2, Apple's Pro Apps Updates 2008-004, PopChar X 4.1.1, KeyCue 4.3, OmniFocus 1.5, The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 4.0.4, Daylite 3.8, AccountEdge 2009, Yum 3.0, Apple's Compatibility Update for QuickTime 7.5.5, and Apple's MacBook/MacBook Pro Trackpad Firmware Update 1.0.

Doug McLean No comments

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates through 05-Oct-09

Notable software releases this week include ClickToFlash 1.5.3, BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac 1.0, VMware Fusion 2.0.6, Camino 1.6.10, Growl 1.2, BusyCal 1.0, PDFpen 4.5, Typinator 3.6, Bento 3, and iWork '09 Update 3.

Adam Engst No comments

Best Financial Reason to Attend: StuffIt Deluxe

The best deal of the show goes to Aladdin Systems for their guerilla pricing on StuffIt Deluxe and SpaceSaver (which is included with the complete StuffIt Deluxe package)

Tonya Engst No comments

To Read or not to Read

Almost exactly a year ago in TidBITS-279, I wrote an article about ReadMe files, those hopefully informative documents that come with most software. In that article, I pleaded with ReadMe file writers to consider their readers, and not to neglect certain information that users (and reviewers) might be seeking

Adam Engst


We can hold our tongues no longer, and this issue contains Adam’s personal statement on the situation in Iraq. Mark Anbinder weighs in with a look at Microsoft’s acquisition of Connectix’s Virtual PC, and Tonya…