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Save 50% in Take Control’s Post-Holiday Ebook Sale

by Adam C. Engst

We felt like having a sale, but couldn’t find a good hook for it. Sure, last week in 1559 Queen Elizabeth I was crowned, in 1919 the Boston Molasses Disaster flooded Beantown’s streets, and in 2001 Wikipedia first came online, but a Queen Molasses Wikipedia mashup is just silly. So no hooks, just a straightforward 50-percent-off sale on all Take Control ebooks.

Through 25 January 2014, you can add any number of our ebooks to your Take Control library [1] for 50 percent off. All books are DRM-free and available in PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket (Kindle) formats, so you can read wherever, whenever, and on whatever device you like.

Some recent titles deserve special mention:

We’ve gone on long enough, but there are more gems available for 50 percent off in our catalog, making this a great time to stock your Take Control library [2] with the ebooks that you can turn to for help in 2014. And remember, we don’t expect you to read cover to cover; instead, use the Table of Contents and Quick Start section to jump instantly to the topics that explain what you want to know.

Thanks for your continued support, and the many useful questions and kind comments you’ve sent over the years. And please, if you would do us a quick favor, spread the word about this sale to your friends and colleagues!