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Bushel Sponsoring TidBITS

We’re particularly pleased to welcome as our latest long-term TidBITS sponsor Bushel, the cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) solution for Apple devices in the workplace. What’s MDM? Put simply, it’s the automation of standard setup and maintenance tasks for iPhones, iPads, and Macs so when a new device arrives, you don’t have to manually configure email, distribute apps, or enable necessary security settings. Created by JAMF Software, Bushel is designed for small to mid-sized organizations that have outgrown manual configuration but aren’t at the size where JAMF’s enterprise-level Casper Suite is warranted for MDM. Much of the difference comes down to features and price — while Bushel offers only some of the core features that Casper does, it is much more affordable at $2 per device per month. And you can give Bushel a try for free with up to three devices.

Julio Ojeda-Zapata reviewed Bushel several months ago in “ITbits: Bushel Helps Small Companies Manage Apple Devices” (31 March 2015), concluding that “it’s simple, easy to understand, and inexpensive — a perfect combination for allowing the part-time IT administrator to get back to her other tasks.”

That’s why I’m particularly happy to have Bushel as a TidBITS sponsor — while it’s good business for Apple to focus on the mainstream consumer market, with its games and chats and social networking, I really like it when TidBITS can help people who use their Apple devices for actual productive work. If that part-time IT administrator can tell her boss that she has rationalized all device management for less than $25 per year with Bushel after reading about it here, that makes my day.

Thanks to Bushel for their support of TidBITS and the Apple community!


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