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Save 50% in Take Control’s 2015 Back to School Sale

by Adam C. Engst

Our 30th(!) high school reunions have us reflecting on how the tech world’s constant striving for improvement encourages us all to stay flexible, keep learning, and periodically make sure we’re working efficiently. Take Control is here to support you in that, so through 24 August 2015, you can add any number of our books to your Take Control library for 50 percent off [1] the cover price. All our books are DRM-free and available in PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket (Kindle) formats, so you can read wherever, whenever, and on whatever device you like.

(We expect everything to work properly, but if our newly redesigned site is overloaded by sale traffic, try again later in the day when things have settled down.)

Remember, there’s no need to read a Take Control title from front to back; instead, each book has a Quick Start that helps you jump instantly to the information you need.

We have books that will help with numerous Apple-related technology tasks and projects, including:

For those new to Take Control and looking for a quick fix, we have a few instant-purchase bundles, also 50 percent off:

We also have books about Yosemite, iOS 8, Apple Mail, iCloud, Audio Hijack, PDFpen, Scrivener, DEVONthink, Apple TV, and more. So stock your Take Control library today [5] with the titles that you’ve been wanting to read or that might be useful in the future!

Thanks so much for your continued support, and the many useful questions and kind comments you’ve sent over the years. Please do us a quick favor, and spread the word about this sale to your friends and colleagues — it’s the perfect way to introduce someone to the series or to get your mother to switch over to using Photos.