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Backblaze Now Sponsoring TidBITS

by Josh Centers

I’m thrilled to welcome Backblaze [1] as our latest long-term sponsor. Backblaze has been my online backup service of choice for the past few years, and I’m more than happy to recommend the company, especially if you need an alternative to CrashPlan (see “CrashPlan Discontinues Consumer Backups [2],” 22 August 2017).

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I spent a year with CrashPlan, but I was never happy with the service. I found its Java-based client slow and unresponsive, backup speeds unimpressive, and worst of all, it appeared to hurt my entire system’s performance. After trying Backblaze for a week, I was a convert, and I’ve been a paying customer ever since.

I’m not the only one. I first heard of Backblaze from Marco Arment, who found it faster and more reliable than CrashPlan. Likewise, Glenn Fleishman often found himself turning to Backblaze, despite having already paid for CrashPlan, because Backblaze was that much better. And Joe Kissell, long a champion of CrashPlan, now unequivocally recommends Backblaze [4].

But maybe you didn’t use CrashPlan at all? Maybe you don’t use any online backup! Or just as bad, you only use online backup! You need to fix that! We recommend Mac users maintain three types of backups:

If you store unique data on external drives, don’t forget to back those up as well! Fortunately, Backblaze can back up external drives [5] too. (That said, Backblaze cannot back up network drives, remotely mounted computers, or shared volumes.)

Why do I prefer Backblaze over the alternatives?

Backblaze [8] is everything online backup should be: simple, secure, and affordable. Try a 15-day free trial today and see if you agree. If you stick with Backblaze, it’s only $50 per year per computer for unlimited backup, including your external drives.