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T-Mobile to Include Netflix for Free on Family Plans

T-Mobile has announced that, starting 12 September 2017, customers with two or more lines will get Netflix Standard for free — a $9.99 per month value. The Netflix Standard plan lets you stream on up to two devices at once in HD resolution. Is there any limit to T-Mobile’s aggressive pricing? In any case, the fierce competition that CEO John Legere is bringing to the mobile space continues to be fun to watch.favicon follow link


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Peter Sichel  2017-09-13 08:21
T-Mobile only includes Netflix for "T-Mobile One" plans with two or more lines. "Simple Choice" family plans do not qualify.

What's the difference?

4 lines on the Simple Choice plan is $100 per month but does not include taxes and fees (about $35).

4 lines on the T-Mobile One plan is $160 per month including taxes and fees. So for about $25 more per month, they include "unlimited" high speed data and free Netflix. Few users actually need unlimited data, but including free Netflix sweetens the deal.

Robert Allen  2017-10-06 10:23
Similar to Belk coupons (Belk is a SE US department store chain), the exceptions on which accounts are eligible for "Netflix on Us" seem to be so numerous as to make it difficult to qualify for NoU. It's not nearly the generous offer that it appears to be at first glance. I have a T-Mobile ONE Plus account, 2 lines, auto-pay, $110.00 per month, and it's not eligible for some reason.