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Rogue Amoeba Marks Its 15th Anniversary

by Adam C. Engst

It’s an atypical amoeba that survives for 15 years without even undergoing binary fission, but Apple software firm Rogue Amoeba [1] has long stood out on the microscope slide.

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Since its founding in 2002, Rogue Amoeba has been producing audio software of unusual depth, power, and utility. We rely on Audio Hijack to record audio versions of TidBITS articles each week, and we employ Fission to edit those recordings. (We even published “Take Control of Audio Hijack [3]” back when Tonya and I were running Take Control Books.)

Although I don’t need the app often, I particularly appreciate the software artistry that has gone into Airfoil, which lets you broadcast audio from your Mac to other devices around your house. Rogue Amoeba also makes Loopback, which enables you to route audio between apps on your Mac; Nicecast, which lets you create your own Internet radio station; Piezo, for those who want a recording app that’s simpler than Audio Hijack; and SoundSource, which gives you vastly more control over sound on your Mac.

Congratulations then to Paul Kafasis and our other friends at Rogue Amoeba for outfitting the Mac community with extraordinary audio tools for so many years! To celebrate, they held a Fifteenth Anniversary Sale [4] on all their apps through 30 September 2017. If you missed the sale, since it was active only between TidBITS email issues, note that TidBITS members [5] can always save 20 percent on all purchases from Rogue Amoeba.