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Twitter’s Apple Watch App Disappears

With a recent update to Twitter’s iOS app, the company seems to have eliminated its associated Apple Watch app. In a statement, Twitter said that it is “focusing on supporting more robust, media-rich notifications” and is “committed to providing the very best Twitter experience on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch.” The company never acknowledged removing the Apple Watch app or suggested that it might return. Twitter is the latest major tech company to abandon its Apple Watch app, following Amazon, eBay, and Google. Perhaps the lesson here is that users see many Apple Watch apps as largely gratuitous. Just because you can build it doesn’t mean you should.favicon follow link


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David   2017-10-01 10:25
What diid the Twitter app do? If it mainly showed you tweets, you could see those via notifications on the watch. If it actually, let you tweet, I can see that with very limited functionality. When I receive a message on my watch, I could reply to it via the watch, but if it’s more than a canned “ok” or “thanks”, I’ll reply with my phone.

My watch has few apps on it. I mainly rely on it for notifications and then take my phone out for using the app.