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iTunes 12.7.3

Apple has released iTunes 12.7.3 to pave the way for compatibility with the upcoming release of the company’s HomePod smart speaker (see “HomePod Arrives February 9th, Multi-Room Audio to Follow Later in 2018,” 23 January 2018). The iTunes update provides an improved AirPlay menu that enables you to choose the HomePod for streaming and control what plays next from Apple Music. As always, if you find any other changes with the iTunes user interface or behavior, let us know in the comments. (Free, 264 MB via direct download or Software Update, release notes, 10.10.5+)


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Comments about iTunes 12.7.3

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Steve Nicholson  2018-01-26 08:11
And they reinstated iOS app management. Oh, wait. That was just a dream.
Yeah.... I'm sticking with the special iTunes, no HomePods for me ;-)
Patrick McGough  2018-01-29 23:27
Getting rid of app management in 12.7 was so aggravating. And there's some odd stuff going on with playlist handling. I found a download for 12.6 and am sticking with that for the duration. No interest in the Home pod
Anonymous  2018-01-28 22:50
and they STILL haven't fixed the app's annoying propensity to automagically rate albums for you at restart. i filed bug#23003546 at in oct 2015. they closed as a duplicate.

maybe that'd be a good topic for a BAD APPLE column?
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2018-01-29 10:00
At least they know about it!

Can you describe the bug for us here so we can try to test too?