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Glenn Fleishman is a TidBITS contributing editor and Seattle journalist who covers technology for publications like The Economist, The Seattle Times, and Ars Technica. Glenn is a senior contributor at Macworld, and writes regularly for BoingBoing. For TidBITS, Glenn built much of the technology infrastructure. Glenn lives in Seattle with his wife, Lynn, sons Ben and Rex, two iPhones, an iPad, and a dozen Macs of various vintages.

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WPA3 Promises Better Wi-Fi Security with Less Effort

Practical Ways to Use QR Codes

Wi-Fi Security Flaw Not As Bad As It’s KRACKed Up To Be

With a Stolen iCloud Password, Your Mac Can Be Held Hostage

Control Center’s New Networking States: On, Off, and In Between

How Some Thunderbolt 3 Cables Underperform with USB-only Drives

Send and Receive Faxes Cheaply with the Right iOS App

AgileBits Isn’t Forcing 1Password Data to Live in the Cloud

HEVC and HEIF Will Make Video and Photos More Efficient

Slack Shoehorns Threaded Messages into Its Interface

Why We Should Care about the Consumer Reports MacBook Pro Rating

Investigating ChronoSync 4.7 for Cloud Backup

Explaining Thunderbolt 3, USB-C, and Everything In Between

Circle, Square, and Venmo: Payment Apps Let You Pay via iMessage

Behind the iPhone 7 Plus’s Portrait Mode

Exploring a Loophole in Slack’s Team Privacy

Firefox Filters More Uses of Flash

Eye-Fi Demonstrates the Danger of Cloud-Dependent Hardware

Take Control of Slack Basics: Chapter 11, Be Productive

Take Control of Slack Basics: Chapter 12, Start a Slack Team

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