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Geoff Duncan

Geoff Duncan

Geoff joined TidBITS in 1994 as Managing Editor, served as Technical Editor through 2006, and is now Editor at Large. Geoff's also a working musician, freelance writer & editor, and sometime Web developer.

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White House Report Recommends Requiring Warrants for Email

Did you know that law enforcement agencies can access your email with a simple subpoena if it’s more than six months old? Yes, they can, thanks to a 1986 law. And they do.

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Are Comcast and the NSA Locking Horns over Bandwidth?

Consumer advocates have derided Comcast for putting the squeeze on Netflix, but is the company perhaps becoming an unexpected ally of privacy advocates by putting the same squeeze on the U.S. government?

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FCC Hopes Third Time Is the Charm for Net Neutrality Rules

After a court defeat, the FCC says it will use existing regulations to maintain an open Internet without classifying ISPs as common carriers. And, yes, this will be their third try.

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Comcast Makes $45 Billion Bid for Time Warner Cable

America’s largest cable company wants to buy out America’s second-largest cable company. Anything seem wrong with that picture?

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Net Neutrality Is Down, but Not Out

A U.S. Appeals Court has struck down key provisions of net neutrality rules in the United States, so ISPs could start favoring (or discriminating against) certain online services. But don’t expect big changes overnight.

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FunBITS: Master Your Fretboard with Capo 3 for Mac

If you’ve ever struggled to learn the chords to your favorite songs, Capo 3 for Mac literally offers you a drag-and-drop solution. You just have to be aware of its limitations.

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Are We Ready for the Post-Snowden Internet?

Revelations from classified documents acquired by Edward Snowden are showing us how mobile technology and the open Internet have been co-opted into history’s largest government surveillance network. Is there any way to “take back the net,” or will national powers start breaking up the Internet into separate fiefdoms?

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More on Apple/EMI and DRM-Free Music

[Editor's Note: We weren't able to touch base with Editor-at-Large Geoff Duncan in time for last week's "Apple and EMI Offer DRM-Free Music via iTunes" (2007-04-02), but his extensive experience in the recording industry makes his commentary essential reading for anyone following the situation

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Of the Zune, DRM, and Universal Music

Microsoft's Zune portable media player goes on sale in the United States tomorrow, marking the company's first entry in a market dominated for five years (and counting) by Apple's now-iconic iPods

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Apple Settles with Creative for $100 Million

Removing a dark cloud from the future of its now-iconic iPod music players, Apple Computer has announced it will pay Creative Technologies $100 million to settle all legal disputes between the companies

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The More Things Change…

Way back in 1994, Adam and Tonya graciously welcomed me to the TidBITS community by bringing me on board as TidBITS's managing editor. Now after more than 5,000 articles, almost 600 issues, and nearly twelve years, it's time to bid a fond farewell: this piece marks my final appearance in TidBITS as a regular staff member. I realize many readers have only a fuzzy idea of my roles at TidBITS over the years - or no idea at all

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Apple Updates Boot Camp Beta

Much of the recent talk of running non-Macintosh operating systems on Apple's new breed of Intel-based Macs has focused on virtualization solutions like Parallels Desktop (see "Parallels Desktop: The Switch is Complete") and VMware's as-yet-unreleased product (see "More, Less, and No Information on Running Windows on a Mac"), but let's not forget the product announcement that started the ball rolling officially: Apple Computer's Boot Camp (see "Apple Opens Boot Camp for Windows Users"), which enables Intel-based Macs to restart running Windows XP and is scheduled to be included in some way with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Apple last week released version 1.1 of its public beta of Boot Camp, adding support for Apple's brand-new Xeon-based Mac Pro and Xserve systems, adding partition p

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Dell Recalls 4.1 Million Batteries

In what may turn out to be one of the largest consumer electronics product recalls in history, computer maker Dell is voluntarily recalling some 4.1 million batteries sold with a wide range of its notebook systems over a more-than-two-year period ranging from 01-Apr-04 through 18-Jul-06

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Creative Hits Apple With iPod Patent Suit

Creative Labs, the company that has been struggling in the digital music player market longer than Apple has been making iPods, announced it has filed a patent infringement suit against Apple Computer over the interface to its iPod and iPod nano music players. Creative claims Apple's products infringe on its "Zen" patent (U.S

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Fox TV Shows Hit iTunes

Fox TV Shows Hit iTunes -- In the largest single network debut to date, Apple has added another passel of television programming to its iTunes Music Store, this time from Fox Entertainment