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Jeff Porten

Jeff Porten

Jeff Porten provides consulting services on Mac, IT, and productivity, and is a freelance writer in Philadelphia. His most recent book is Take Control of Your Productivity.

Jeff Porten 7 comments

CES 2017: Cool Products from CES Unveiled

Jeff Porten continues his CES 2017 adventure by showcasing some gizmos from the CES Unveiled event.

Jeff Porten 12 comments

CES 2017: Tech Trends to Watch

Jeff Porten begins his 2017 CES adventure by taking stock of the overall trends looming over the show: voice recognition, artificial intelligence, and smart homes.

Jeff Porten 61 comments

Some 2016 MacBook Pros Suffering USB Drive Problems

Some early adopters of Apple’s just-released MacBook Pros are seeing their machines shut down repeatedly and unexpectedly. The problem appears to stem from moving lots of data over multiple hard drives connected via Thunderbolt 3’s USB-C ports, which is, of course, the only way to connect them.

Jeff Porten 9 comments

Massive DDoS Attack Blocks Access to U.S. Web Sites

Jeff Porten explains just what the heck was going on with the Internet last Friday.

Jeff Porten 15 comments

On Hacking During the U.S. Presidential Campaign

During a period of partisan debate about threats to political uses of information technology, Jeff Porten tries to bring a technical perspective to a noisy argument.

Jeff Porten 7 comments

After September, Still Apple Watching and Waiting

Jeff Porten came away from the Apple keynote feeling uncharacteristically unimpressed, so he shares his thoughts about what he doesn’t quite get about Apple’s direction.

Jeff Porten 2 comments

Four Smartwatches Reviewed: Cookoo, Martian, MetaWatch, i’m Watch

Jeff Porten covers his arm from wrist to elbow with smartwatches to see how they match up to each other, to the Pebble, and to his expectations of what feature an ideal smartwatch would provide.

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CES 2014: ShowStoppers Continues the Robot Armageddon

Jeff Porten makes it to a third CES side event, but he’s seriously considering getting a telepresence robot to replace him.

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CES 2014: The Pepcom Experience, When Monkeys Fly

Jeff Porten visits the Mirage and sees visions of 3D iPhones, laser sights, and revamped gizmos from decades past.

Jeff Porten 6 comments

CES 2014: CES Unveiled and the Startup Debut

Jeff Porten once again braves Sin City to cover the interesting bits of the International CES kickoff events.

Jeff Porten 2 comments

IFTTT Automates the Internet Now, but What Comes Next?

Jeff Porten reviews the Internet automation service IFTTT (If This, Then That), and speculates on what it might mean in the near future when more real-world things become Internet-savvy.

Jeff Porten 18 comments

No, New York Times, Apple Doesn’t Want to Bust Your iPhone

After an ill-considered article in the New York Times Magazine implying that Apple designed iOS 7 to work poorly on the iPhone 4 in order to push users to upgrade, Jeff Porten couldn’t resist giving a point-by-point response.

Jeff Porten 3 comments

Seeing the World through Google-Colored Glasses

The social restrictions and cues surrounding Google Glass have yet to evolve, but Jeff Porten has discovered that they won’t be evolving in a vacuum, since the Glass Terms of Sale give Google an unprecedented level of technological and legal control over how Glass is used.

Jeff Porten 7 comments

Pondering the Social Future of Wearable Computing

Technology companies and pundits are pushing hard for wearable computers, but will society accept them? Jeff Porten examines how social conventions have changed — and will continue to change — to accommodate the likes of smartwatches and Google Glass.

Jeff Porten 8 comments

CES 2013: Showstoppers from Useful to Insane

Jeff Porten continues to ferret out the best and the britest (sic!) at CES, with products ranging from USB 3.0 display drivers and iPhone camera lenses to Bluetooth-enabled forks and brainwave-driven cat ears. Really.