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Josh Centers

Josh Centers

Josh Centers is the managing editor of TidBITS, as well as the author of Take Control of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, Take Control of Notes, Take Control of Apple Home Automation, and Take Control of Apple TV, and co-author of Take Control of Preview. He's also a contributor to The Prepared and USA TODAY.

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Apple Announces iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina Display

Just in time for the holiday season, and as expected, Apple has announced a thinner, lighter, faster iPad Air with a full-sized 9.7-inch Retina display, along with a similarly specced new iPad mini with Retina display.

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Apple Replacing Faulty MacBook Air Storage Drives

The flash storage drive in certain mid-2012 models of the MacBook Air could fail at any time, but if a firmware update doesn’t resolve the problem, Apple will replace it for free. Josh Centers explains how to find out if your drive is affected.

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FunBITS: Limbo Is Spooky Fun for iPhone and iPad

If you’re looking for something spooky to play in the run-up to Halloween, Limbo is a creepy platform game for thinkers that raises the bar for touchscreen controls.

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The iPhone’s Positioning Sensors Were Never Good

Much fuss has been made over the inaccuracy of the iPhone 5s positioning sensors, but it turns out that the problem is neither new nor unusual.

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Level Money Simplifies Budgeting

Level Money is a minimalistic budgeting app for the iPhone. Josh Centers explains why it’s perfect for him, and for many others who need more awareness of their financial standing.

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How to Prevent Google from Monetizing Your Face

Much noise has been made about Google’s Shared Endorsements, but as Josh Centers explains, it’s both limited and easily turned off.

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Why Angela Ahrendts Is a Perfect Fit for Apple

Apple has snagged Angela Ahrendts, the lauded CEO of luxury retailer Burberry, to be its Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores — a new position created to replace the vacant SVP of Retail position, last occupied by John Browett in October 2012. At Burberry, Ahrendts became the highest-paid CEO in the UK, increasing annual revenue by 250 percent and driving up the stock price by 300 percent. Ahrendts also spearheaded new technology at Burberry, lining stores with video screens broadcasting runway shows and installing RFID tags in clothing that customers can scan for information. Ahrendts is the second fashion CEO to join Apple’s current executive team, following Yves St Laurent CEO Paul Deneve’s hire in July 2013.

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Nielsen Norman Group Slams iOS 7

The Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g), a user experience firm founded by usability gurus Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman, has appraised iOS 7, and the verdict isn’t great. “Early experience with applications redesigned for iOS 7 is fairly negative: several have worse usability than their iOS 6 versions.” In particular, NN/g cites action labels that are indistinguishable from content, the confusing date picker, confusing swipe actions (for example, activating Notification Center when you wanted Spotlight), and the redesign of many icons, of which NN/g said, “Apple has demolished millions of hours of user learning by changing the icons.” However, NN/g said that iOS 7’s design isn’t fatally flawed, and praised how controls are hidden in Safari, global font size controls, and the streamlined Settings app.

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1Password 4 for iOS Updated to Support Wi-Fi Sync

Following the recent release of 1Password 4 for Mac, AgileBits has updated the iOS version of 1Password to support the resurrected Wi-Fi Sync feature.

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Explaining Podcasts in iTunes 11.1

Apple has overhauled the way its various apps handle podcasts, leading to much confusion. Josh Centers brings some sense to the new status quo, at least to the extent that’s possible.

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FunBITS: Intermission Lets You Browse Your Mac’s Audio History

Rogue Amoeba’s Intermission is like an audio TiVo for your Mac, recording live audio and letting you go back in time to play anything from the last three hours. Read on to find out why it’s a great business tool and iTunes Radio accessory.

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Regenerated Doctor Who Episodes Exclusive to iTunes

Doctor Who, the legendary British sci-fi series, turns 50 this year, but the BBC never expected it to last so long, and foolishly destroyed or recorded over many early episodes. Fortunately, two lost stories, “The Enemy of the World” and “The Web of Fear,” were found in Nigeria, remastered, and have been released exclusively on iTunes — to be seen for the first time in over 40 years. The two stories are available for $9.99 apiece and feature Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor and feature Nicholas Courtney’s first appearance as the beloved Colonel (later Brigadier) Lethbridge-Stewart. Unfortunately, episode 3 of “Web of Fear” is still missing, though the serial features a reconstructed episode with audio and still images. There are still 27 Doctor Who stories that are partially or entirely missing.

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Kindle Fire HDX Tablets Available for Pre-order

Amazon has announced two new Kindle Fire HDX tablets with quad-core processors and new features aimed at making them more competitive with Apple’s iPads.

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CloudPaint Brings MacPaint to the Web

MacPaint shipped with the Macintosh in 1984 and is the mother of all modern graphics programs. If you miss those days, or never got a chance to experience MacPaint for yourself, developer Martin Braun has adapted it for the Web. CloudPaint replicates both the features and interface of the original, which was developed by Bill Atkinson and Susan Kare and open-sourced in 2010.

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Adobe Announces Major Security Breach

Attackers have stolen Adobe source code and information on 2.9 million customers. How did this happen and how can you protect yourself?