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Mark H. Anbinder

Mark H. Anbinder

Mark works at Cornell Information Technologies at Cornell University, where he is part of the Advanced Technology & Architecture division. He is also a part-owner of Public Communications, a consulting and Web design company based in Ithaca, NY, and a jack-of-all-trades and board member of WVBR.

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Tips on Traveling with Gadgets from the TSA Blog

If you've done any air traveling in the last several years, you know part of the process is handing over your laptop, phone, and any other gadgets for security screening. The Transportation Security Administration, responsible for air travel security measures in the U.S., offers tips in a new blog post on traveling with small gadgets such as e-readers, netbooks, and, yes, the iPad.

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Verizon Makes Wi-Fi Hotspot Service Free on Palm Phones

At first we suspected a delayed April Fool's Day prank, but we checked with our local Verizon Wireless store, and it's true. The cellular provider is now pushing the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus phones by offering those phones' former $40-per-month Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot feature for free.

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Bento for iPad Not Just a Bigger Box

Many early iPad apps are little more than what you'd get running an iPhone app with its pixels doubled - stretched-out user interfaces with more space, but nothing new. Not so for the Bento personal database app, available now for your shiny new iPad.

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FileMaker Pro 11 Promises Welcome Enhancements

Updates to database applications are rarely sexy, but we're pleased to see several welcome enhancements in FileMaker Pro 11, the latest version of desktop and server database software from Apple's FileMaker subsidiary.

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Google Offers Push Gmail and Google Sync to iPhone

For over a year the iPhone has supported "push" mail delivery, instant delivery of new email messages, but not for the popular Gmail service. Google Sync for iPhone and iPod touch now offers push email, contacts, and calendars, via Microsoft's ActiveSync protocol. The catch? You can only do this with one mail account at a time.

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iPhone Gets Short End of SlingPlayer Stick

Nearly a year after we got to see a working proof-of-concept app, Apple has finally let SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch into the App Store. The long-awaited handheld app from Sling Media allows Slingbox owners to enjoy whatever's on their television, but only via Wi-Fi, not on cellular networks such as AT&T's 3G network.

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FileMaker Reaches iPhone with $4.99 Bento App

Want to keep track of your golf scores, your vintage vinyl album collection, or your shopping list while on the go? FileMaker, Inc. has just released Bento for iPhone and iPod touch, a handheld version of the company's affordable Mac database application that works on its own or syncs with your desktop databases.

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Apple Yanks Crass “Baby Shaker” iPhone App

After a day of astonishment and disgust on blogs, Twitter streams, and technology news sites, Apple has removed the Baby Shaker iPhone app from the App Store. The app displayed drawings of a crying baby and urged users to "find a way to quiet the baby down."

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iPod Scammer Pleads Guilty

Here's how not to run a business that's geared towards taking advantage of the popularity of Apple's iPod shuffle. The owner of an iPod repair shop has pled guilty to fraudulently obtaining and reselling 9,000 iPod shuffles.

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Apple Quietly Improves Low-End MacBook

Without fanfare, Apple has improved the specs of the white MacBook, the low-end $999 white polycarbonate laptop that remains in the product lineup alongside its shinier aluminum cousin. Most notably, the low-end laptop now features Nvidia GeForce 9400M graphics, a dramatic upgrade from the Intel integrated graphics of earlier models.

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Big Discounts on Macs at Best Buy This Week

Why wait for Black Friday, the notorious day-after-Thanksgiving retail bonanza in the U.S.? Retailer Best Buy is offering Apple computers at discounts ranging from $50-150 through Wednesday.

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Best Buy to Sell iPhone in United States

Retail chain Best Buy will become the first retailer besides Apple Stores and AT&T Wireless stores to offer the iPhone in the United States. The phones will go on sale on 07-Sep-08 at almost 1,000 Best Buy locations.

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Microsoft Office 2008 and 2004 Receive Updates

Microsoft has released updates for Office 2004 and Office 2008, providing bug fixes and other improvements, as well as important patches for vulnerabilities in the software. Meantime, the company is offering a discount price on Office 2008 when purchased with a Mac, through 08-Sep-08.

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Apple Stores Ready for 3G Onslaught

Apple and AT&T will both start selling the iPhone 3G at 8am local time at their respective U.S. retail stores, and Apple has provided a list of what to bring with you. Mark also warns of a scam that can see buyers of used iPhones paying twice.

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AT&T Waking Up Early Friday for iPhone Sales

If you were dreading camping out all day next Friday for an iPhone 3G, you may or may not be glad to hear AT&T will start selling the highly anticipated phone at 8am at each store's local time. Meantime, don't get confused: a no-contract iPhone is not an unlocked iPhone.