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Michael E. Cohen

Michael E. Cohen

Michael E. Cohen has worked as a teacher, a programmer, a Web designer, a multimedia producer, and a certified usability analyst. One of the developers of the first commercial ebooks, Michael is the author of several such works, including the compendious Take Control of Pages.

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Cyberduck 3.7

Imports Transmit favorites, adds usability features, and fixes bugs. (Free, 19.9 MB)

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iLife ’11 Updates Three of Its Apps

iLife ’11 brings major improvements and cosmetic surgery to iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. With a lower price ($49), and immediate availability, you’ll be delving into new versions soon.

Michael E. Cohen 24 comments

The New MobileMe Calendar: Should You Upgrade?

The new CalDAV-savvy MobileMe calendar is now available to all users, but whether you should upgrade or not is another matter.

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iPad Arriving at Verizon Wireless with MiFi Option

Although there's still no official word of a Verizon Wireless iPhone, the iPad is about to make its debut with Verizon, with and without a bundled MiFi router.

Michael E. Cohen Adam Engst 16 comments

In Search of the iTunes Media Server

One iTunes library, one family: is it even possible? Michael E. Cohen and Adam Engst run through all the ways of setting up an iTunes media server for a family, none of which are perfect, but one of which may be what you need.

Michael E. Cohen 24 comments

Apple Battery Charger and the Secret of NiMH

You won’t be caught powerless with Apple’s new battery charger and batteries—but how they behave may surprise you.

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Apple Exchange Program for ATI X1900 XT Video Cards

Owners of Mac Pros with malfunctioning ATI X1900 XT video cards can now exchange their cards under a new Apple program - if the cards have the right serial numbers.

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PDFpen/PDFpenPro 5.0.2

Smaller memory footprint, improved AppleScript support, various bug fixes. ($59.95/$99.95 new, free update, 41 MB)

Michael E. Cohen 25 comments

He’s Leaving Home(Page) – Bye, Bye!

On 8 November 2010, Apple will "discontinue online viewing of photos, movies, and files shared using .Mac HomePage." But what does that actually mean?

Michael E. Cohen 3 comments

DroboPro FS NAS: Is Eight Enough?

Data Robotics has introduced the big brother of the Drobo FS, with eight drive bays, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, and offsite storage capability.

Michael E. Cohen 22 comments

Mark Up PDFs on Your iPad

Two iPad PDF apps - our long-time favorite GoodReader and PDF Expert - have recently incorporated annotation capabilities, turning the iPad into a PDF reviewing and commenting device.

Michael E. Cohen 18 comments

Preventing Duplicate Calendar Events in iPhone OS 3.1

The details of how iTunes and MobileMe syncing work keep changing through successive versions of the iPhone OS. "Take Control of Syncing Data in Leopard" author Michael E. Cohen explains how each version has worked, and how to prevent duplicate calendar events from appearing on your iPhone or iPod touch.

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In Search of iTunes 8.1’s Autofill

Autofill, the iTunes feature previously available only for the iPod shuffle, is now available for all iPods that are set to manage music manually. Unfortunately, finding and using the Autofill feature can be a challenge. Michael Cohen takes you through the steps to track it down.

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Everybody Sync Now: SyncTogether Stands in for .Mac Sync

I'm a fan of Mark/Space's syncing products. The Missing Sync for Palm OS, for example, has made my wife's digital life much more pleasant now that she no longer has to deal with the not-always-reliable collaboration between Apple's iSync and Palm's HotSync conduit to get her Palm TX and her PowerBook G4 on the same page