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Steve McCabe

Steve McCabe

Steve McCabe is a British-born Mac consultant, tech writer, and teacher who now, for reasons that have but the most tangential connection to technology, lives in New Zealand. He writes about his adventures in New Zealand and blogs about tech. Steve’s first novel, Crash Landing, is now available in paperback.

Steve McCabe 4 comments

FileMaker Pro 12 Updates Themes and Layout Capabilities

A new file format and few new features make this a visually attractive but less-than-essential update to the long-standing database program from Apple subsidiary FileMaker, Inc.

Steve McCabe 3 comments

Believe Most of Tumult’s HTML5 Hype

The animation tool Hype offers quick and easy HTML5 design tools to animate your Web site.

Steve McCabe 1 comment

Wacom Inkling Lets Designers Sketch on Paper

Wacom’s Inkling isn’t quite a graphics tablet, nor is it a note-taking device like the late, lamented CrossPad, but Steve McCabe finds that it still fills a niche of its own.

Steve McCabe 34 comments

Puzzling Through Mac Replacement Possibilities

The details vary from person to person, but the basics are the same: When and how should one replace a dying Mac, given limited resources? Steve McCabe ponders his situation, proposing a variety of approaches and inviting readers to participate in the thought experiment.

Steve McCabe 10 comments

FileMaker Go Brings FileMaker Databases to iOS

Ever wanted to access a FileMaker database on your iPhone or iPad? The solution to that problem is FileMaker Go, but you may need to modify your database to make it useable, particularly on the iPhone’s small screen.

Steve McCabe 29 comments

iBooks Textbooks: Not Exactly Innovation in Education

New Zealand educator Steve McCabe may be a fan of Apple hardware and software, but he’s not buying Apple’s claim that enhanced iBooks will make a difference for education. Grade: C-. Really must try harder.

Steve McCabe 13 comments

Solving the Universal Access Color Problem

Plagued by the appearance of pure white Web sidebars that should have been grey, Steve McCabe turns to TidBITS Talk for the solution, which stems from an unexpected setting in the Universal Access preference pane.

Steve McCabe 36 comments

Paying by the Bit: Internet Access in New Zealand

It's easy to become accustomed to high-speed Internet access, but as Steve McCabe has discovered, unlimited Internet access isn't necessarily available everywhere in the world.