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Category: Media Creation

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Horsepower & Image Sensors

Camera manufacturers make a big deal about how many megapixels their cameras have, but does it really matter? Or ought we be looking at other aspects of the camera's image sensor?

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Get DivX Pro for Free for a Limited Time

If you're interested in creating DivX-encoded videos, you can - for an unspecified limited time - get a free serial number for the $19.99 DivX Pro software.

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Take Control News: Three New Digital Photography Ebooks

If you want to make this holiday season one to remember, check out our latest ebooks about digital photography, since there's nothing like a great photo to help bring back fond memories. These books help you pick the right digital camera for your needs, get the most out of iPhoto '08, and protect your photos against mishap, among much else.

Tonya Engst No comments

Three Handy Tips for iPhoto Organization

This assortment of handy iPhoto tips will help you organize photos quickly and easily, while learning old and new features. I can't promise that these tips will help you whip out your holiday cards from iPhoto while you bake cookies and realize that Chanukah is way before Christmas this year, but they certainly won't hurt.

Jeff Carlson No comments

Final Cut Express 4 Adds AVCHD, iMovie ’08 Interoperability

Apple has released Final Cut Express 4, the latest version of its intermediate video editing software, adding support for AVCHD footage, an open format timeline for mixing DV and HD clips within the same project, a bunch of new FxPlug filters, and the capability to import iMovie '08 projects.

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Apple Updates Final Cut Studio 2 Applications

Apple updated its Final Cut Studio 2 suite of applications, bringing Leopard compatibility and specific fixes to the set of video and audio editing tools: Final Cut Pro 6.0.2, Soundtrack Pro 2.0.2, DVD Studio Pro 4.2.1, Motion 3.0.2, Color 1.0.2, Cinema Tools 4.0.1, Compressor 3.0.2, and Pro Applications Update 2007-002.

Adam Engst No comments

iPhoto 7.1.1 Increases Leopard Compatibility

Apple has released iPhoto 7.1.1, promising improved support for Leopard and fixes for lots of bugs, albeit without any details whatsoever. Be glad you're worthy to receive the update at all.

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BBEdit 8.7.1 Adds Features, Fixes Bugs, Saves Data

BBEdit 8.7.1 is a fairly minor update, though with welcome changes and fixes. Adam also explains how to configure BBEdit to protect from remote data loss.

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Display TidBITS Headlines on Your Site

Make your blog or Web site more timely and interesting by adding the TidBITS headline widget. It's free, easy, and helps spread TidBITS articles far and wide.

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Design Tools Monthly Hits 15 Years in Print

Congratulations to our friend Jay Nelson, who is celebrating 15 continuous years of publication of his Design Tools Monthly newsletter, best thought of as the executive summary for the design community.

Matt Neuburg No comments

iMovie ’08 Meets Wild Robot Cars

Back from the field filming the DARPA Urban Challenge, will I be able to perform a simple task using iMovie '08 - to overlay some text onto an entire movie - without ever having used the program before, and without reading the manual?

Sharon Zardetto No comments

Are Your Fonts Ready for Leopard?

If you're still hanging on to Classic, and to fonts that exist only in Classic, this might be a good time to straighten out any old font suitcases that you want to bring forward into Leopard.

Andy Affleck No comments

WireTap Studio: Lossless Editing and Real-Time Audio Preview

Ambrosia Software's new WireTap Studio ups the ante in the field of easy-to-use audio recording and editing tools. Find out what Andy Affleck, author of "Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac," thinks of the new release and how it stacks up against existing tools.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

An Electronic Book Giveaway: 2003, a Disaster; 2007, a Pittance

Four years ago, I nearly bankrupted myself with a bandwidth bill for 200 GB of transfers over a couple of days. Last week, the same transfers cost $25. It's the future: cheap bandwidth and many options for distribution.

Jeff Carlson No comments

iLife ’08 Updated, iMovie Improved

Apple has released iLife Support 8.1, iPhoto 7.1, iDVD 7.0.1, GarageBand 4.1, and iWeb 2.0.2, but the most significant improvement to the iLife '08 suite is iMovie 7.1, which fills in some gaps left open in the transition between iMovie HD 6 and the rewritten iMovie.