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Apple Lists Top iTunes Downloads of 2008

The first year of the App Store was very good to game developers and flashlight utilities, but what about the rest of the iTunes Store?

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The Simpsons Takes Aim at Apple

Important breaking news: The Simpsons get an Apple Store.

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Apple TV 2.3 Adds AirTunes, Volume Control

The Apple TV Software Update 2.3 expands the media player's AirTunes capabilities, lets you use a third-party remote control, supports playlists that contain video content, and, at last, lets you control music volume from the remote.

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Netflix Starts Deploying Mac-Compatible Media Player

Netflix has announced that Mac users will finally gain access to its coveted Watch Instantly feature through - surprise - a Microsoft Silverlight-based media player.

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Netflix Mac Support News and More

This week Netflix announced that it would offer Mac support for their popular Watch Instantly feature by the end of 2008. The announcement came on the heals of three other big Netflix-related news items. Here's a look at all four.

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Apple Reveals New iPod nano and Updated iPod touch

To absolutely no one's surprise, Apple has announced a new iPod lineup, featuring improved versions of the iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod touch. Read on for our take on the cool new features (and those that weren't present).

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iTunes 8 Adds Genius; iTunes Store Adds HD TV and NBC

Okay, Einstein, let's see what you think is worth hearing. Huh. Well, that's actually pretty smart. Apple adds intelligence to building playlists that match up disparate interests in iTunes with its Genius feature. iTunes 8 sports a new interface for organizing and viewing music, and the iTunes Store brings high-definition television shows - and the return of TV shows from NBC.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Amazon Launches Mac-Compatible Video on Demand

The media-selling giant finally supports Mac users with its digital video rental and purchase service (previously Amazon Unbox) through a browser-based Flash player.

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Five iTunes 7.7.1 Bug Fixes Detailed

Apple isn't saying what was fixed in the just-released iTunes 7.7.1, but we dig through the discussions to find details on five areas in which the program may address significant bugs.

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iTunes 7.7 Corrupts Accented Artist and Track Names

iTunes 7.7 contains a subtle bug that can convert accented characters in artist and track names into other characters, rendering the names incorrect or even unreadable. Never fear, though, since there's a workaround.

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iTunes 7.7 Released in Preparation for iPhone 2.0

iTunes 7.7 is now available, bringing support for the upcoming iPhone 2.0 software and a new Remote application for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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MSN Music Doesn’t Kill Future Playability of Purchased Tracks

Microsoft decides to continue allowing music purchased from its MSN Music store to be transferred among legitimate machines until 2011.

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SlingPlayer Mobile Would Drive Slingbox Owners to iPhone

Own a Slingbox? Want to watch your TV on an iPhone? It could be possible with a proof-of-concept version of SlingPlayer Mobile from Sling Media. The only problem? Apple hasn't accepted the company's iPhone developer application yet.

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Apple TV Gains Movie Purchases and DVD Date Releases

Owners of the Apple TV can now purchase movies directly from the entertainment device, and do so from an expanded collection of movies. Also, several studios are making rentals available on iTunes and the Apple TV the same day as the movies are released on DVD.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Thank You for Not Playing: Microsoft Expires DRMed Music

Microsoft has chosen to cut the legs out from under customers who bought music from the MSN Music store up until late 2006. Starting 31-Aug-08, that music can no longer be played on computers that weren't previously authorized.